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While digital and real estate seemed an unlikely pairing, changes in usage and the health crisis have forced the last remaining players in the market to come to terms with the phenomenon, in order to survive in a market undergoing radical transformation, shaken up by the arrival of new players ready to dust off the image of the real estate agent.

At the origin of this digitization, even before the arrival of the health crisis that precipitated this change is the ELAN law, Evolution du Logement et Aménagement du Numérique, enacted in November 2018, which enabled the dematerialization of numerous procedures by introducing, among other things, the digital rental lease.

A closer look at the benefits of digitizing the real estate market for buyers and sellers alike.

Ensuring growth through the digitalization of real estate

Despite the turbulence encountered throughout 2020, this year will go down in real estate history as one of the best, with over one million sales. The many confinements and restrictions have forced agencies to democratize the use of digital tools to pursue their activities and face up to the market's pure players.

Digitalization has provided concrete answers to recurring problems in the sector: visibility of offers, availability of information, simplification of procedures... Advertising sites and social networks have facilitated the implementation of a marketing strategy enabling traditional agencies to face up to the growing power of pure players.

83% of real estate agents see the crisis as a catalyst for change
Harris Interactive for Meilleurs agents, 2020

This digital boom has enabled players in the real estate market to increase their visibility. With no fewer than 4.8 billion Internet users, including 53.8 million connected French people, the Internet represents a previously underestimated acquisition channel for physical agencies. The Internet and social networks have enabled players to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.

In addition to this opportunity for growth, digitalization and the many tools that go with it, such as online estimates, 3D visits and remote electronic signatures, represent real advantages for all parties. In addition to saving time, they also make the process simpler and more transparent.

In concrete terms, these tools offer real advantages for agents, sellers, buyers...

🏡Why continue to waste time showing homes that ultimately don't meet your customers' criteria? Virtual visits enable buyers to get a precise idea of the property and therefore avoid unnecessary trips and visits that waste time for both parties.

🤳Between your schedule and that of your customers, organizing visits can be a real headache. That's where online appointment booking comes in: your customers block a slot in your schedule according to your availability and theirs. Appointments are available 24/7, so you can reduce the number of calls you receive during the day.

🧑‍💻Agent real estate, brokers, bankers, notaries, insurers... buying or selling a property requires the involvement of many players in the sector. You're bound to know a number of professionals and have partnerships with several of them, so why not let your customers benefit from them? On the one hand, you'll be consolidating your partnerships, and on the other, you'll be offering your customers real support throughout their purchasing process.

In short, the digitalization of real estate and the associated tools are essential for agencies wishing to remain competitive in the market.

Digitalization to enhance the customer experience

As in many sectors, the digitization of the real estate industry has brought with it new consumer expectations of market players. Once again, new technologies offer the resources needed to satisfy the needs of customers in search of a personalized customer experience.

Digital tools make it possible to respond to the new needs of private individuals and provide more details about offers without necessarily requiring a greater investment of a real estate agent's time. While augmented reality makes it possible to visit a property remotely, and 3D modeling to obtain a rendering after work has been completed, the ChatBot offers a 24-hour service, providing answers to the most frequently asked questions from private individuals, even outside agency opening hours.

Augmented reality tools could convince 77% of individuals to use an agency
Harris Interactive for Meilleurs agents, 2020

These tools have increased not only access to information, but also competitiveness between industry players. Individuals looking for a privileged customer experience are more likely to turn to an agency that has taken advantage of all these new tools, thereby facilitating the customer experience.

Online real estate appointments

Whether in a purchasing or rental management customer journey, the online appointment booking integrates perfectly with the needs of both professionals and private customers at several key stages in the process, to smooth the way and limit friction.Digitizing real estate

Agendize is an innovative solution dedicated to the generation of qualified leads: your customers can make an appointment directly with your staff 24/7 from your website, your Google Business Profile page, your email signature, a QR Code on your business cards or even in your branch. When an appointment is booked, a form designed according to your requirements is automatically added, enabling you to qualify your needs.

A truly collaborative tool, Agendize can be used to synchronize leads generated according to employees' availability, properties to be offered, etc., and to reduce missed appointments by 80% thanks to appointment reminder notifications.
Internally, the management and synchronization of employee agendas provides a global view of activity, reduces sources of error and supports employee mobility.

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