Banks and insurance companies: taking advantage of digital to improve the in-branch experience.




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Digital transformation has profoundly reshaped financial services, paving the way for new interaction tools between banks, insurance companies and their customers. However, we must not forget the importance of physical experiences. Digital solutions such as those offered by Agendize play a crucial role in improving face-to-face meetings, making them smoother, more personalized and more efficient than ever, both before and after the appointment.


Less than 20% of bank customers use the branch channel



Easier appointment scheduling

Online appointment scheduling solutions considerably simplify the scheduling process. They reduce friction and improve the customer experience right from the first point of contact. In the banking and insurance sectors, where time is precious and stressful for customers and advisors alike, scheduling appointments can often be tedious, with last-minute cancellations a common occurrence. An online appointment scheduling solution for large organizations simplifies this process by enabling customers to book appointments online in just a few clicks. This reduces waiting times and improves customer satisfaction right from the first contact.



Seamless integration into complex environments

Integrating an online appointment scheduling module into a company's ecosystem is a real asset. Large financial institutions and insurance companies often have complex, interconnected systems. Agendize integrates seamlessly with these systems, providing a seamless experience for customers. Whether scheduling a physical appointment with a bank advisor or discussing insurance options with an agent via video conferencing, Agendize's seamless integration optimizes operational efficiency.
Take advantage of the power of Agendize services (APIs, watchers, integrations...etc) to further develop your online appointment scheduling tool and enhance your customers' experience.


"Companies need to reinvent their marketing approaches, making them more immediate, contextualized, personalized and industrializable."



Personalized customer interactions

One of Agendize's strengths lies in its ability to personalize communications with customers. And it does so simply and seamlessly. You can create message templates that will be sent once an action has been completed, thanks to an integrated workflow system. This personalization strengthens the bond between structures and their customers, improving not only their perception of the brand, but also their approach to the agency appointment. From personalized appointment reminders to follow-up messages after a consultation, every interaction is tailored to the specific needs of each customer, reinforcing the relationship of trust.


Marketing automation

Agendize's advanced marketing automation capabilities enable financial entities to proactively stay in touch with their customers. Agendize-powered process automation in the banking and insurance sector enables automatic reminders, personalized workflows and targeted marketing actions, enabling financial institutions and insurance companies to stay in touch with their customers throughout their lifecycle. This enables them to anticipate customer needs, offer attentive service and strengthen long-term customer loyalty.


Optimum security for all data

With many years' experience in the healthcare and financial sectors, Agendize meets the security requirements of leading companies.
In the banking and insurance sectors, data security is of paramount importance. Agendize places security at the heart of its concerns by offering hosting in France, guaranteeing compliance with strict European data protection regulations, such as the RGPD.
In addition, Agendize offers single sign-on (SSO) for its banking and insurance customers. This feature strengthens security by enabling users to access their accounts with a single login and password, simplifying access management while reinforcing security measures.

In addition, Agendize implements advanced security protocols, such as data-in-transit and data-at-rest encryption, robust firewalls and continuous monitoring measures, ensuring that sensitive information is protected from potential threats.

By choosing Agendize, financial institutions and insurance companies can be sure that their data and that of their customers is optimally secured, in line with the highest standards of security and confidentiality.


Agendize, the solution that boosts your business

In conclusion, digital transformation in the banking and insurance sector has opened up new possibilities for improving physical customer experiences. Agendize positions itself as a strategic partner, offering simple, integrated, personalized and automated solutions that meet the specific needs of this constantly evolving sector. By simplifying appointment scheduling, integrating with existing systems, personalizing interactions and automating processes, Agendize helps financial institutions and insurance companies deliver exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint.

Would you like to discuss your company's specific requirements for integrating an appointment scheduling solution? Please do not hesitate contact one of our consultants.

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