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Vacations mean time off. Whether it's Christmas, the school vacations or the summer vacation, it's important to get organized so that your employees' absence has as little impact as possible on your organization. Find out in this article how Agendize will offer your staff and customers the chance to stay active even when they're away. 


It's the vacations, your employees are going on vacation, but your business and services are still available? Agendize offers a complete solution to ensure business continuity even when your employees are unavailable.

66% of companies say that an optimal experience increases their revenues and profits.


Indicate your absences

With Agendize, your employees can indicate their availability and absences in advance. When they go on vacation, they can add these dates directly to the calendar as soon as their leave is accepted. This will be taken into account by Agendize, which will create an unavailability for the defined period(s). Your employees will be able to go on vacation with greater peace of mind, and customers will have an up-to-date experience in real time.

Accept or decline appointments

Indeed, when users book an appointment via the widget, they will only be able to make an appointment with a collaborator if the selected day is one of his or her available days.
Agendize services automatically synchronize so that the information entered by the employee is reused by the widget.

Ensure continuity and prepair your return

The often heavy workload when returning from vacation is a major problem for an employee. This is why Agendize's availability management feature enables employees to define their own opening times for appointments. This will enable them to focus fully on their priorities when they return, and define the appointment slots for which they will be available.

Thanks to the notification system, your customers and staff are kept informed in real time of the latest changes to their schedules.

Agendize, the alternative to administrative procedures

Agendize therefore offers a real alternative for managing your employees' vacations and ensuring continuity in their work. Online appointment booking is central to our goal of improving the customer experience, and is a key driver of satisfaction for users of booking services. Integrate the widget directly into your website and create customized workflows to deliver ever-better service.

Are you interested in our new console for managing your company's rezndez-vous? Don't hesitate to contact one of our consultants.

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