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Advisors to the Centre National de la Musique and Agendize users since January 2022, Paul Lavergnea Swiss Army knife of the music ecosystem, and Thibault Cunsoloa specialist in live performance and artist development, gave us their feedback.

What is the CNM?

The CNM, Center National de la Musique is a public institution. Among its many functions, it supports a wide range of players in the artistic & musical sector by offering them a advice and guidance. Center National de la Musique advisors guide artists and the professionals who support them in their professionalization answering their questions on structuring and strategy to put in place to develop their projects.

The challenge

Highly solicited management of appointments by telephone or even e-mail was unrealistic. This is why the CNM very quickly turned to an initial online booking solution to automate schedule management.

As time went by, this system showed its limitations, failing to meet all the needs of advisors who were looking to combine appointment management with a CRM in which they could find details of each appointment, integrate documents and write notes.

It was also essential for the CNM to be able to organize meetings remotely, but also in third-party venues: concert halls, theaters etc...

The solution

With these observations in mind, the user path team had to look for a new solution, and Agendize presented itself as the most appropriate evolution.

"Agendize is a French solution, the eco-responsible side and the servers hosted in France [...] In the end it's a lot of little criteria that made the difference."

Thibault Cunsolo, CNM Advisor

To fully meet its needs and simplify the work of its advisors as much as possible, the Centre National de la Musique was looking for a solution that would interface with its IS and other tools, enabling it to retrieve contact information, notes and, more generally, all the details of appointments. appointment details.

Remote appointment scheduling also required an interconnection interconnection with the Teams videoconferencing solution Teamsvideoconferencing solution, which advisors use on a daily basis.

By automating the creation of a "customer" file for each new appointment, they can centralize all information concerning the customer, as well as add notes for the attention of other employees.

The plus : The tags feature enables the CNM to sort and classify artists according to criteria predefined by the advisors themselves.

The results

The first exchanges with the CNM and Agendize teams took place in October 2021, and the solution was tested and deployed during a transition phase, finally completely replacing the previous solution in February 2022. Since then, further licenses have been acquired to enable the deploy Agendize to other departments to other departments at the Centre National de la Musique.

The appointment booking page is now accessible only from the the online space for music industry on the CNM website. They must therefore log in and access their secure area in order to book an appointment with one of our advisors. This process enables the Centre National de la Musique to pre-qualify appointments.

To date, six themes can be booked online. These meetings can be held :

  • Remote by telephone or videoconference
  • Physical at a predefined location or as specified by the contact when booking

"Agendize has been a great tool for us because it allows us to coordinate through a customer sheet, make notes and be able to follow up a few times, because there are appointments we have regularly as part of the development of the artist, the company that wants help, and as part of that, those famous notes on Agendize are very important to us."

Paul Lavergne, Advisor to the CNM

This organization enables one of the advisors to conduct all the meetings remotely. Set to a 30-minute slot, with 15-minute breaks between each appointment, the advisor can exceed the predefined time without falling behind on the next appointment. And in the event of an urgent appointment, advisors have the option of adding slots directly from the Agendize console. 

If you too are looking for a new online booking solution that better suits your needs, or if you're looking to equip yourself with such a tool for the first time, our account managers are at your disposal to help you digitize your user paths.

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