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In an ever-changing world, companies need to adapt to offer an ever-improving customer experience. One of the most important improvements concerns the way they interact with their customers. Online appointment booking has become an essential tool for all companies looking to improve their customer service. In this article, we'll explore why online appointment booking is the cornerstone of effective digitalization for businesses.


24/7 accessibility

The world never stands still, and neither should your business. Online appointment scheduling lets your customers schedule appointments at any time of day. You offer access to your services at any time, and improve your users' convenience. 94% of respondents would be more likely to choose a new service provider if it offered 24/7 online booking options (Getapp, 2021)

This shows that 24/7 accessibility is essential to meet the needs of modern consumers.


Fewer phone calls

Phone calls to book appointments can be tedious, both for your customers and your staff. According to a GetApp survey, 59% of respondents are frustrated by the inconvenient waiting times and opening hours associated with booking appointments over the phone. By offering this option, you can reduce your staff's workload and improve the customer experience.


More time, more sales

Time management is crucial for any business. Online appointment booking enables you to plan available time slots efficiently, reducing downtime. According to a Square study, companies that use online booking see a 25% increase in sales. (Square, 2020).


86% of French people use online reviews to choose a service provider



Reducing missed appointments

No-shows can be costly for companies. By using automatic reminders via e-mail or SMS, you can significantly reduce no-show rates. According to Accenture, appointment reminders reduce no-show rates by 36%.


Customer data collection

Online appointment booking enables you to collect valuable data on your customers. You can learn more about their preferences and habits, which can help you personalize your offer or set up effective sales and marketing campaigns, whether by e-mail or SMS. According to a McKinsey study, personalization can increase sales by 10% or more.


Increased online visibility

By offering online booking, your company can gain visibility on the Internet. It's a virtuous circle, and customers who are happy with their experience beforehand will promote it. According to a Yelp survey, 89% of restaurant customers say they are more likely to book if the restaurant has an online appointment booking solution (Yelp, 2019). This ease of access to a table is also illustrated in other business sectors: customers are looking for an experience, a comfort in the actions they will take with the company. Online appointment booking is a perfect response to this need.


Agendize, the online appointment scheduling solution for businesses

Agendize, as an online appointment scheduling solution, fully meets these essential needs. Whether it's improving accessibility, reducing phone calls, managing time efficiently, avoiding no-show rates, collecting customer data or increasing online visibility, Agendize offers customized solutions for all businesses, including large enterprises, helping them thrive in an ever-changing digital world. By investing in Agendize, your company is ready to meet the challenges of the future and remain competitive in today's marketplace. Don't wait any longer to integrate Agendize into your corporate strategy.

Are you looking for a solution that adapts to your structure and has significant experience with large companies? Don't hesitate to contact one of our consultants.


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