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The digitalization of our lifestyles has democratized the use of connected solutions to develop new services or improve the customer experience. New demands in terms of performance and accessibility have prompted us to to offer a more ergonomic console that reflects the company's image.

As well as simplifying access to functions, it also opens up a whole new world.


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Purple on the menu

Purple is the main color of this new console for two reasons:

- the historic color of the Agendize brand

- we've used dynamic colors to give all users an optimal experience with the online appointment management console.

Other colors are used to differentiate appointment types, making them easier to visualize in the console, or to highlight buttons and tabs.

Clear and unmistakable

The arrival of the Poppins font in Agendize's graphic charter brought a touch of lightness that was necessary for the company's overall communication.

In the product, we prefer Roboto to convey a safe and functional image. Of course, a few Poppins elements appear to remind us that this is the font defined for our logo!

In the same vein, we've integrated a range of pictograms that allow a large number of elements in the console to breathe,improving the ergonomics and usability of Agendize. The user experience is faster and simpler.


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Agendize, everywhere, all the time

With the democratization of the use of phones in everyday life, users tend to perform many actions with their smartphone rather than via their computer. We've taken this into account, and the new console can be used optimally on your portable devices. Wherever you are, you can manage your company's schedule thanks to the responsive version adapted to all screen sizes.


Clearer tabs

Users need to be able to find information as quickly and easily as possible. To achieve this, we've created a sidebar in the console that lists its main functions.

You can focus on your know-how and your business without worrying about your schedule.

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A more accessible experience

Because the Agendize experience has to be fluid, we developed a console that uses simple colors and is reminiscent of the entire Agendize universe, as seen on the website and in the various communications produced.

In addition, the aim was to ensure quick and easy readability for all users, thus complying with accessibility criteria for all. Development was motivated by the desire to improve ergonomics and offer a solution in keeping with Agendize's image: efficient, fast and open to all.

Establishing the Agendize brand with everyone

It was important for us to take a step forward and assume our identity. That's why we wanted to create a product that reflects Agendize's new visual codes.

With this new console, we're taking our brand and our values directly into our product!

Are you interested in our new console for managing your company's schedule? Don't hesitate to contact one of our consultants.

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