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According to a Google study, 91% of consumers carry out an online search before buying in-store. Adopting a web-to-store strategy is therefore a must for all companies wishing to boost their store/agency network.


To support you in this process, Partooan all-in-one platform that helps local businesses get closer to their customers, and Agendize have combined their expertise in a unique partnership to help you go faster and further in implementing your strategy.

What is a Store Locator

A Store Locator is a store locator. It takes the form of an interactive map integrated into your website, on which markers indicate the geographical location of your network's physical points of sale. Integrated into a web page, the Store Locator allows web users to locate a physical point of sale: stores, boutiques, banking, insurance, real estate agencies... and many more!


Key features of Store Locator Partoo

The Store Locatorin the same way as Click and Collect or e-reservation, is a solution at the heart of the Web to Store strategy, and more specifically at the heart of the ROPO (Research Online Purchase Offline) strategy. ROPO consists of prior online research, which then encourages the consumer to visit a physical point of sale to finalize his or her purchase.

To help you successfully implement your strategy, Partoo has equipped its Store Locator with features that will quickly become indispensable.

1. Data centralization

The console on your account lets you manage and optimize local data your points of sale for distribution on your store locator and on the main referencing platforms.

2. SEO optimization

Your Store Locator pages are optimized to appear in local local queries associated with your business, in your town, department or region.


On average, 20% of a site's visits come from its Store Locator



3. Customization

Choose features and design of your Store Locator to reflect your brand and image. The Partoo design team will take care of creating your Store Locator, integrating the information you require.

4. Performance monitoring

From your Partoo account, you can measure your performance and maximize your Store Locator results by modifying the UX or SEO parameters.

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Why integrate Agendize appointment scheduling with Store Locator Partoo?


1. Acquisition of new customers

Capture traffic from competitors who don't offer such services, by offering online appointments.

2. Better customer experience, loyalty

Provide consumers with tools that meet their information needs, thanks to the Store Locator, which brings together useful information, and online booking, which simplifies the process of appointment booking by making it available 24 hours a day.

3. Easier schedule management

Agendize synchronizes with your calendars (google, outlook, office 365 or ICal) and displays your availability in real time, making it easy to organize your appointments.

The Club Med case

For several years now, Club Med has been seeking to adopt an omnichannel approach. It was with this in mind, and to replace their old Store Locator, which was not optimized enough, that the pioneer of all-inclusive holidays contacted Partoo.


70% of appointments are booked online via Store Locator


"Club Med's objective was to re-increase traffic in their travel agencies, following the Covid period. To bridge the gap between two of their main sales channels - the website and the agencies - they set up a Partoo store locator with all the SEO standards needed to maximize online traffic, and integrated a module for booking appointments with Agendize. Thanks to a personalized user path, and a quick and easy implementation, Club Med customers were quickly able to benefit from this new high-end service".

Alice Bedouet, Head of Store locator at Partoo


This change was an opportunity to push forward the Web-to-Store strategy by integrating a button for appointment booking to the agency data sheets, enabling future vacationers to make an appointment with a "TED" (Travel Experience Designer) in the agency to build their vacation project.



Deployment took place in two stages. The Partoo Store Locator was first deployed on the Club Med site. It was only in a second phase that the online appointment online appointment booking buttons made their appearance. Initially tested in 10 branches, the system is now installed in 35: 31 in France and 4 in Belgium. The remaining branches will be equipped in the coming months.

Do you work for a network of establishments and want to accelerate your digital strategy? Don't hesitate to contact one of our consultants.


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