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Begun in the 1990s, the digital transformation of public administrations is a long and tedious process. Yet it is absolutely essential if we are to meet the growing needs of our citizens. Even if local authorities are gradually becoming aware of the importance of digital technology within their structures, regulation also has a role to play in raising awareness.

In the image of the RGPD, which has enabled local authorities to share responsibility for data confidentiality, or more recently, or the Plan Action publique 2022, which aims to completely redesign the public action model by integrating a digital dimension; numerous measures have been put in place enabling this project to be carried out successfully over the long term.

A closer look at the benefits of digitizing local authorities for employees and citizens alike

Modernizing the image of public administrations

Many local authorities are struggling to shake off their old ways of working. However, there is now a wide range of software available to make public administration work easier.

With digital technology, users have easier access to the information they need. As a result, secretariats are less clogged, and staff can devote themselves to other tasks. In addition to optimizing workflows and making services more efficient, the use of digital technology also generates a better reputation and a more youthful, dynamic image among citizens. A 100% winning approach!

In 2016, the appointment request for passport / CNI applications was already in the top 3 of the most popular digital services.

Laposte / Docaposte

Simplifying administrative procedures

The growth of technology over the last few decades has profoundly changed the expectations of French users. They are now more knowledgeable, more demanding and looking for ever greater efficiency and speed. They are also looking for greater proximity and personalization in their commercial and administrative relations.

85.2% of French people use the Internet every day
Médiamétrie, April 2021

To respond to these new user habits, digital technology is the right answer for local authorities. Indeed, digital technology meets citizens' need for immediacy by making your services available 24/7. The Internet enables your users to find useful information in just a few clicks, rather than having to wait on the phone or at the reception desk.

After all, the relationship with your users begins with the first contact. And increasingly, this is done online, via a search or by consulting your website. The challenge that these digital solutions address is to make this first contact a success, even if you don't experience it in real time.

Digital technology simplifies procedures and improves service quality

Improve productivity

More than just improving the user experience, digitalization enables local authorities to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. The time saved can then be invested in higher value-added tasks, improving team productivity. These tools include online appointment booking enables citizens to book appointments 24/7, while relieving the pressure on your switchboard. Schedule management is automated, duplicate appointments are eliminated, and appointment reminder notifications reduce the number of missed appointments by 40%.

Aware of the need to digitalize public services, the government has stepped up its efforts. At the beginning of March 2021, the Ministry for the Transformation of the Civil Service presented the 400-day Agenda for Accelerating the State's Digital Transformation. In parallel, platforms such as the GouvTech catalog catalogue. The latter lists a range of software and digital solutions for government agencies.

Online appointment booking for local authorities

Much more than just online reservation software, Agendize offers a wide range of functions designed to meet the needs of the public sector. Supporting you in your day-to-day tasks, Agendize boosts your productivity and improves your relationship with users and the public.

Internally, bi-directional synchronization of external calendars provides a global view of activity. Our automated CRM saves summaries of past and future interactions with your users. Transmitted documents are stored on the platform for easy retrieval.

Finally, as the security of your data is of paramount importance, our servers are hosted in France by providers offering 24/7 protection. We are also Health Data Hosting certification !

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