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All major companies are looking for innovative ways to connect with their prospects and consumers online. Among the tools available, online appointment scheduling and CRM are the hottest topics, but not the only ones. Tools such as online chat, free callback, customizable dynamic forms or email and SMS marketing campaigns also boost the customer experience.

Platform features

Online appointment booking frees you from managing your schedule. Differentiate yourself from your clientele and gain visibility by integrating appointment booking on your Facebook page or your Google My Business page. Notifications and automated reminders let you create personalized customer paths.

Tools such as email marketing, forms, call tracking and web call back enable you to animate your customer base and ensure a rich customer relationship.

Our CRM includes an automated customer file and, more broadly, is a genuine database enabling you to track interactions with your customers, measure their satisfaction and NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Our solution is 100% APIsable, enabling you to retrieve and model data from the platform. It also features an integrated conversational voice/text bot solution.

Optimum integration of your tools

Multiple integrations let you synchronize our online appointment scheduling solution with your existing environment without changing the way you work. Agendize synchronizes with :

1.your online diaries :

Synchronize Agendize with your teams' calendars: iCal, Google calendar, Outlook... Benefit from bi-directional synchronization to avoid duplicate appointments and ensure optimal organization.

2.your CRM :

Online Appointment Booking integrates with the majority of CRMs on the market: Salesforce, Zoho, Windows, Capsule... Every time a customer books an appointment with the Agendize platform, the contacts are automatically fed into your CRM.

3. your emailing tool :

Send all your Agendize customers personalized emails optimized with your emailing tool. Every appointment generated is a lead, and every lead deserves to be nurtured.

Many advantages

We wanted to develop a solution that could adapt to all your needs, as well as those of your customers.

Efficient management to simplify your internal processes! Configurable user profiles give each person unique access to the functions and information they need!

The reports tab lets you analyze online activity in real time, so you can manage your call peaks more effectively, analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns and the feedback from your satisfaction surveys!

Last but not least, the 24/7 appointment booking service enables your customers to make appointments at any time of the day or night. By offering such a service, you're guaranteed to make more sales. Telephone advice and online chat enable you to offer your customers quality after-sales service for greater satisfaction.

But also a platform...


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