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The dematerialization of your users' procedures is a recurring request from the government to its administrations and communities. This dematerialization is not complicated and can even facilitate the work of your agents, who will benefit from new tools, such as online appointment booking. The objective of this process? To unify and simplify citizen relations. The question is, what are the advantages of such an online service?

Saving time for communities and administrations

You already use certain online services, in particular for passport withdrawals or deposits. From now on, it is possible for your users to make an appointment via the Internet, without having to wait by phone or in person, and this 24 hours a day.

Several online solutions facilitate this online appointment management, and are suitable for any public service establishment: town halls, local authorities, hospitals, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, public institutions, schools, etc.

Save up to 70% of your time to spend more time with users. All they have to do is access your online calendar and select the time slot that suits them. A confirmation is then sent by email, and/or by SMS, quite simply!

A new administrative organizational efficiency

Integrate an e-agenda in your company or administration to reduce your missed appointments by 80%! The e-agenda is also adapted to your agents: it offers a personalized view of your appointment schedule. It also offers optimized user management based on several criteria of your choice.

Your agents will be able to access their appointment schedule at any time, have access to the online calendar management, as well as to any modification in real time, in a totally free way. A guaranteed simplification without any duplication of reservations, and a telephone de-cluttering of nearly 75%!

Your users have access to all your availabilities in real time, outside of opening hours! In this way, they can access all your services, without even having to contact you. Other functionalities can be proposed to your users such as automatic appointment reminders, including the date, place, time, and necessary documents.

In compliance with the regulatory requirements of public institutions

Some online appointment scheduling solutions guarantee that you are in compliance with the new regulations that consist in dematerializing administrative processes. These solutions optimize the management of your appointments, and simplify the life of your constituents!

It's up to you to check that the solution you choose is a sovereign provider. This means you can be sure that your digital data will be stored on French territory. In this way, you comply with the regulations in force for local authorities, specified in the guide to cloud computing and datacenters for local authorities published by the DGE in 2015.

In order to best meet your needs, the perfect online appointment scheduling solution must integrate the France Connect solution. Users can connect to your services using their,, or La Poste accounts. No need to identify yourself several times, or to remember several IDs and passwords! Note also that only the identities are transmitted, without any navigation tracking.

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