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A number of professionals, particularly in the healthcare sector, can make their lives easier and save money by opting to book appointments online. So why not opt for the white label solution?
White labeling is a process that enables a company to benefit from third-party services without the identity of the service provider being revealed. It's a totally transparent process for the end customer. "White-label services are mainly used on websites, because the technology lends itself to them," writes digital marketing specialist Bertrand Bathelot.

Online appointment booking is one such service. A service that is also likely to "attract a new, young and dynamic clientele", as pointed out by the Begoody website, which specializes in creating websites for hairdressers. Of course, it's not just hairdressers who can benefit from it!

Beneficial for practitioners...

The medical profession, in particular, has every interest in offering its patients this type of facility. First and foremost, online appointment booking benefits the practitioners themselves. A dematerialized platform enables them to save time, fill their schedules more efficiently and concentrate on their core business - especially if they don't have their own secretariat and have to manage their diaries themselves! For them, it also saves on staff.

Online appointment booking has another advantage for the doctor: it reduces the number of patients who "forget" their appointment and don't turn up at the doctor's surgery. E-mail confirmations and SMS reminders act as a "wake-up call"! As a result, the number of "rabbits" is falling, while the number of consultations is rising. Last-minute cancellations, for example, can be compensated for by late appointments.

...and beneficial for patients

Seen from the patient's point of view this time, online appointment booking seems to be equally beneficial. It's a fast and convenient service, accessible 24 hours a day, and avoids waiting times at the switchboard. It also lends a modern image to the practitioner who uses it. Perhaps this will encourage some people who are reluctant to consult a doctor to push open the doors of his or her practice.

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