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In recent years, professionals have increasingly turned to online solutions to manage their schedules. Appointment scheduling software is a pertinent way of optimizing the organization of a working week, while offering real advantages to customers. Here are 4 reasons why online booking is becoming indispensable for sports clubs.

1. Save time managing your reservations

No more days spent on the phone or in front of your e-mail in order to take reservations from your members. With an online system, you don't have to take bookings yourself. You can schedule and book your customers at any time, even outside your club's opening hours. The tool is parameterized according to the options you define (schedules, vacations, employees and specialties).

Reservations are updated and synchronized in real time with your schedules. As a result, you can save up to 75% of your time in organizing room or course bookings, and avoid duplication. It's now easier to view your daily, weekly and monthly schedules at a glance. You'll be able to organize your teams more effectively and offer your customers better service.

Improve your course attendance with Agendize. Thanks to its automatic course reminders by SMS and/or e-mail, you can prevent your members from forgetting their lessons.

2. Generate your customer files automatically

As soon as a prospect wishes to book a course online, he or she must enter his or her contact details. No need to write them down, the platform records all the information for you. This data will enrich your customer base and help you track each person's progress, from their first contact to the end of their subscription.
Thanks to the information gathered on your customers' habits, you'll be able to launch more targeted email campaigns or commercial actions.

3. Make the most of your booking statistics

Reservation schedules are full of information about members' habits and the success of your planning. This data is very useful for obtaining statistics and better understanding your club's operations. Which sessions are the most booked this month? What type of clientele do you attract? How many cancellations have you had this week? These statistics will help you get closer to your customers and adapt to their preferences.

4. Improve your website ranking

Offering online booking generates traffic to your website. The more your site is visited and logged, the more likely it is to appear in the top results of Google searches. Your prospects will be more likely to find you via the web.

Online appointment booking is an effective way of converting your website visitors into customers. Easy to integrate, the Agendize solution will boost your website's natural referencing. Customers will find it easier to book appointments with you, and your customer conversion rate will increase.

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