Why limit yourself with your choice of Appointment Booking?

online scheduling // February 03 2017

As 61% of consumers now either expect or appreciate appointment booking from their local businesses, the space has grown more competitive to accommodate all the different configurations that users might require in connecting with their customers. As Agendize Appointment Booking grows, we’d like to draw comparisons between ourselves and major competitors to show customers how we stack up, and make decisions about Appointment Booking easy.

Certain competitors promote their Appointment Booking for both Enterprise and Small Business, boasting that they are “committed to bringing together the online and offline worlds” through the development of its booking technology. While many booking tools offer the same fundamental features, what might be their strengths, and what might it lack to really meet your needs as a customer, whatever the size of your organization?


Unique Customizability

Certain providers have clear strengths in their booking widget and settings, as well as certain interactivity features, offering features like 2-way SMS communication, as well as event and ticket management, individual staff widgets and higher pricing customization.

As an example of widget customization, some providers allow you to select and preview the dimensions of your widget. Waiting lists and ticket groups also permit businesses to handle bookings for customers who are interested, but can’t find an available space or capacity for them.

However, while these kinds of providers are versatile, they generally charge additional fees for premium features like CSS customization and other elements that may need to be out-of-the-box for many businesses.


Appointment Booking is not just Appointment Booking

While other providers boast customizations are strong and stand out compared to the rest of the market, there’s a fundamental lack of additional apps and functionalities that maximize the efficiency of Appointment Booking. For instance, Appointment Booking with built-in CRM and enhanced email and SMS marketing permits businesses to not only register their entire client histories (and even interactions with other apps like Free Callbacks, Live Chat and more), but also access analytics which suits all of those tools and provides even-more options for decision-makers.

These additional channels can be critical to crafting a complete engagement solution, as seventy Percent of Mobile Searchers use tools like Click-to-Call and find it an important channel to discover businesses, while Live Chat is known to improve the reputation of a business and email marketing to loyal customers can produce higher response rates and increased sales.


So, in considering an Appointment Booking solution, don’t just think appointments. Think about everything you can add to your software ecosystem that allows it to grow, and permits you to do so most efficiently and at the lowest price. While many Appointment Booking solutions may have better features for some than for others, not all solutions are created equal!
To learn more about Agendize, visit www.agendize.com or sign up for a free 14-day trial to learn more about what Appointment Booking and other apps can do for your business!

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