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What are the advantages of white label solutions

August 09 2018 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 3 minutes read

White Label

The development of white label software presents several advantages for software vendors, integrators, and resellers of software solutions. If you are considering expanding your software services range, you can explore the completely interesting alternative of a white label development.


Save time with existing software bricks

At first sight, the development of white label software offers you a considerable saving of time. The peculiarities of certain markets make the actors jostle in order to quickly position themselves.

However, in this situation, you will not necessarily have the time that it is necessary or all the useful skills to develop all the tools yourselves which you need. For example, the development of software bricks as a supplement to your software still requires time.

By opting for a white label software publisher, you will benefit from the technical expertise as well as the market knowledge of this supplier whose solutions are proven to quickly meet the needs of your clients. So there is no more puzzle for you.

You save time by outsourcing the development of the technological brick on both technical and strategic aspect and can reinvest this saving of time on your core business or in other services, such as your customer relationship for example.


Save money with a white label software

By offloading the development of your own tools, you also win in terms of cost reduction. Thanks to a white label solution.

In fact, when you choose to go with a white label solution, the costs associated with the research and development of this software are no longer your responsibility. It is at the expense of your white label supplier. It’s the same for scalable software maintenance and in many cases commercial management.

Given the specialty of your supplier, they have already invested in a priori commercial management and the continuous improvement of their software. It is only with this effort of continuous monitoring which they propose to you a permanent software solutions in phase with the evolving technologies. 

All the software infrastructure, as well as the technical and commercial expertise, are already in place, you are only buying a ready-to-use solution for your own brand.


Benefit from a personalized offer to your brand image

From a communication and commercial standpoint, the other advantage to make an appeal to a white label service for your own tools is that you maintain the homogeneity and consistency of brand and visual communication of your brand.

Your white label software publisher will replicate your logos or images, colors, fonts, typography and style in the software for a personalized graphic chart to match your brand image for consistency. You will be able to reuse this personalized graphic chart as one pleases in your communications on your website or your social networks.

It is also credible that the white label system, you have chosen includes in its offer a design to its clients, the commercial support that accompanies the tools it has developed. Therefore, your sales team or web designers will only have to finalize the deliverables by personalizing with your brand colors.

Again, it’s about the time that you win!

Indeed, this personalization to your graphics chart helps to strengthen your notoriety and enhances your perceived image as a specialist in your industry.


Propose innovative and scalable solutions

Any white label service offers you the advantage of exploring new avenues of innovative and state-of-the-art solutions to enrich your customer offer or to launch a new niche.

Agendize, specializes in conversational business tools, using white label principles. It’s a simple and innovative solution for making appointments online, turnkey, and customizable to the colors of your website. Thanks to our interactive tools, you can become a reseller of our software for making conversations easier across numerous service industries including but not eliminated to home services, real estate, auto, travel, and legal.

The development of white label software establishes a real opportunity for your company. It offers you multiple possibilities to launch and market innovative tools while limiting your upfront investments.

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