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Top 10 reasons to adopt online scheduling

December 12 2018 | Phebe Standley

Modified on 16/03/22 | 4 minutes read

Online Appointment Scheduling

Online scheduling is one of the most popular features in the Agendize suite of online customer engagement tools. That’s probably because our online scheduling tool is so easy to implement and makes such a big difference to our end-users and their businesses.

But why is online scheduling so effective? Based on feedback from our agency partners and enterprise clients, we put together a list of 10 reasons why any business should adopt online scheduling. Here it goes — and let us know what you think!

Connect with customers when you're not open

More than 40% of appointments are booked when local businesses aren’t even open. So if you run a local business, and you’re NOT using online scheduling, you could be losing a lot of business. And those lost customers might be headed to your competitors’ websites. Think about it this way: Online scheduling allows you to close sales in your sleep!

Appointments equal sales

If you talk with any small business owner, they’ll tell you, “Just get me an appointment and I can close the sale.” Whether you are selling pest control services or bathroom remodeling, getting that appointment is a crucial step between a consumer showing casual interest and the business making a sale. It goes without saying: the more appointments you make, the more customers you’ll win over.

Look like a big player (even if you’re not)

Adding online scheduling can make any website more engaging and interactive. And it’s a simple way to look like a big player without spending big bucks. Your customers will love it, too. In fact, approximately one-third of consumers expect online scheduling from their local businesses, and another third believe it sets a business apart from its competitors according to a Yodle consumer report.

Get more repeat business

Besides getting a lot of first-time appointments, you can use online appointment scheduling to capture information from your customers. That means you’ll be able to build a list of customers and offer relevant promotions or other incentives to increase repeat business.

Reduce no-shows

There is nothing more frustrating than when a customer skips an appointment. By using the Agendize online appointment scheduling, the business can send customers an email reminder the day before and even a text reminder an hour before the scheduled appointment. Our partners at Agendize have said that online appointment scheduling reduces no-shows by up to 80 percent.

Management of staff's time

With Agendize’s online appointment scheduling, customers can choose to book appointments with different staff members. The management interface makes it easy for business owners to see which team members are booked for which time slots — and better manage the company’s overall calendar.

Allow customers to pay at the time of booking an appointment

Some online appointment tools (including Agendize) enable business owners to charge for appointments at the time of the booking. Using payment processing integrations, this feature ensures customers are fully committed to the services they have chosen and greatly reduces the chances of no-shows.

CTA_how to enhance customer engagement

Eliminate double-bookings

With Agendize, businesses can synchronize personal e-calendars with your online appointment interface so that double-booking will be a thing of the past. By consolidating many schedules into a single platform, the business has a real-time listing of every appointment on every calendar. No more double-booking confusion.

Collect automated customer feedback

Customer feedback is always valuable. Capturing it, however, is sometimes difficult. This is especially true just after an appointment when the customer may be in a rush or may not feel comfortable giving feedback in person. Agendize makes it easy to send an automated follow-up message, asking for feedback at a specified time after the appointment. The customer may let the business know what they truly think of your business, even if it’s just to say you did a great job! And if the customers give great feedback, the business can also choose (with permission) to place it on your website.

Give your customers confidence

It can be challenging for business owners to manage their teams’ schedules. Especially because every day brings unknowns that may cause professionals or customers to have to cancel or reschedule some appointments. However, with online scheduling and some easy to manage automatic confirmations, your customers will be reminded of their upcoming appointments and enabled to make timely notice of any changes to their personal schedule. This also allows the business to try to refill that timeslot or plan accordingly. Keeping the communication channels open between the professional and customer can make potential customers feel more comfortable with the professional services and increase the likelihood of a growing loyal customer base!


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