TapClicks integrates Agendize to Supercharge Customer Engagement ROI for Agencies

online scheduling - Client Relationship - News // March 02 2017

Thursday, March 2, 2017 - Agendize and TapClicks are proud to announce a direct integration of Agendize Appointment Booking Software’s reporting capabilities within TapClicks. This integration ensures the most scalable availability of customer engagement data on the market via TapClicks’ analytics and reporting platform, which is preferred by large media companies and agencies worldwide.

“Agendize serves over 100,000 end-user businesses, primarily through large digital agencies, directory publishers and media companies who want to maximize the conversion and engage- ment their customers see from their services,” says Florentin Rambaud, Strategic Accounts Di- rector for Agendize. “With our analytics now available in TapClicks, these agencies are fully em- powered to see how Agendize effectively maximizes their customer’s conversions relative to the traffic they receive, reducing customer churn and increasing their willingness to invest in an agency’s services.”

Noah Jacobson, VP of Corporate Development at TapClicks, believes the integration will prove uniquely powerful for directory publishers with thousands of clients and more. “TapClicks offers over 150 native marketing integrations for agency representatives working with different adver- tiser accounts, the ability to give their end advertisers direct visibility into all their target KPIs across all channels through a single dashboard. With this integration, TapClicks’ users can ben- efit from the ability to dive deeper than ever before into the client metrics and appointment re- sults that they receive thanks to Agendize products.”

With offices across North America, Europe, and Latin America, the two partners are uniquely suited to collaborate on solving key problems faced worldwide by digital agencies and their cus- tomers. Both TapClicks and Agendize offer White and Private Labelling permitting clients to brand and market any configuration of the solutions as their own.

“TapClicks is an outstanding partner and a true hyper-growth company,” adds Agendize CEO Alexandre Rambaud. “We’re pleased to partner with them not only because of their tremendous efforts throughout our collaboration, but also their dedication to serve the same markets that we do with exceptional enthusiasm. Large media companies and more need all the tools they can get to meet the challenges presented by their industry’s ongoing digital transformation, and with platforms like Agendize available through more and more channels, nothing will stop them from achieving extraordinary success!”

To discover more about the integration, click here, or Sign Up for TapClicks and Sign up for Agendize to discover more!



Founded in 2003, Agendize features all the engagement apps a business needs to connect with consumers online. The suite revolves around the Appointment Booking and an integrated CRM. Available in white-label with advanced APIs, the solution is used by companies of all sizes and sectors to improve customer experience and empower better relationships. Today, Agendize generates millions of leads and interactions around the world every year. Serving 12 of the world’s top 20 digital agencies and with over 100,000 end-user business, Agendize has accu- mulated nominations and wins from key industry organization awards like StreetFight Magazine, Siinda and the Local Search Association. With offices in France, Canada, Mexico and Petaluma, California, Agendize is a worldwide customer engagement solutions provider that is committed to helping small businesses grow!


Founded in 2009 TapClicks, Inc. is the leading marketing technology company for agencies, media companies, brands, and enterprises. Winning #87 in INCs top 500 fastest growing com- panies its integrated Marketing Operations Platform solves the issues marketers have been fac- ing for decades with workflow and order management, analytics, and automated reporting — all within a single intuitive user interface. TapClicks has delivered over 1,000,000 dashboards to over 5,000 brands and over 1,000 media companies and agencies worldwide. The TapClicks platform leverages over 150 native integrations with leading marketing and advertising plat- forms, giving users “instant-on” access to reporting data and rounds out its solution with its Im- port Wizard, which enables the platform to digest data from virtually any source. TapClicks op- erates out of offices in Silicon Valley, Boston, Canada, Europe and Latin America.


Robert Ravensbergen
Marketing Manager North America at Agendize

Deanyar Jahanian
Partner Liaison at TapClicks

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