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Just'Immo real estate agency digitizes its appointments online!

November 20 2019 | Florentin

Modified on 16/03/22 | 2 minutes read

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Whether it is a prospect looking to sell or buy a property, asking for an appraisal of his property, or a financial consultation, one thing is certain: if you give them the opportunity to book an appointment with you online in one click, your chances of achieving results will increase!

Agendize brings an innovative service in a very competitive market

Can you introduce yourself ? 

I am Julien Boucherat, sales manager of Just Immo agency. Just Immo was created 7 years ago and specializes in the transaction and rental of real estate from individuals.

How do you manage your appointments today?

Appointment requests are generated either by phone calls (60%) or via contact forms on our website (40%). Customers are then called back to qualify their project and schedule an appointment with a sales agent.

Since when do you accept online appointments?

Since April 2019. We wanted to try a new tool to move quickly in a logic of improving productivity and customer acquisition.

How do your prospects book online?

Our customers are very active on social networks like Facebook where we have more than 1000 likes. Energizing this channel of communication and optimizing it became essential with a pre-qualification of incoming requests. Agendize thus makes us save time on the commercial and client side since the prospect validates the day and time that suits them by stating their problematic. Note that the Agendize Widget is also integrated on our website and Google My Business page.

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Did you have any fears before implementing the solution? 

Our fear was essentially that a customer schedules an appointment with a product or service that ultimately does not fit with their needs. The solution therefore serves us mainly as a lead generator with a pre-qualification of the request that we will deepen in a physical appointment.

From a technical point of view, the ability to synchronize via Google Calendar made the task easier and reassuring.

What are the benefits of Online Appointment Scheduling for your activity?

Our industry requires responsiveness and is upstream of the customer's request. Our sales representatives have an important activity during the day and to offer an innovative tool to our customers to book an appointment is in my opinion an essential service. The solution responds to a need both commercial and demand of our customers or "future customers".

Do you think that setting up Online Appointment Scheduling has improved your vision of digital?

The solution has been presented to the entire sales team and is seen as a tool to ease their day of work and customer acquisition.

Your favorite in the tool?

The responsiveness of the service in a very competitive market.

Finally, how would you describe the accompaniment of the Agendize team on this project? Are you satisfied? 

Effective with a very operational monitoring for integration on all our digital tools. Agendize is the tool that we want to promote to facilitate contact with our customers.

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