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Case Studies - Customer Relationship // June 06 2019


Real estate is a sector that has long resisted the phenomenon of digitalization. However, today, the trend is gradually reversed with the emergence of new digital entrants who are revolutionizing traditional rental management.

The most concrete example that comes to our mind is the famous Airbnb rental platform. The Californian company has built its business around a speech in favor of the sharing economy, by proposing a recourse to Internet as part of the setting in relation of the funders and the tenants. This practice has completely revolutionized real estate trends by creating new and promising markets.

In addition to this, public policies are increasingly emphasizing their desire to strengthen the digitization of the real estate sector. And to this end, regulations are emerging as the next major housing law, called Elan for "housing development and digital development." This law notably provides for the introduction of a digital lease (Article 53 project Dec. 2017), with a dematerialized and electronically signed lease.


To avoid being uberized, it is now essential for real estate agents to take the digital turn to offer ever more qualitative services.

Discover how the company Plurial Novilia, a major player in social housing in France, has innovated in its services to meet this challenge of modernization.

The Plurial Novilia case


Plurial Novilia wanted to boost its customer relationship by introducing digital into its business in order to offer their customers more and more quality services. To allow this, the company has chosen to offer their tenants a digital meeting with their account managers, in order to unclog call-centers and physical receptions, and optimize their customers journey.


For this beautiful project, Plurial Novilia has chosen to trust Agendize by adopting its scheduling and online booking solution. This tailor-made and customizable solution allows Plurial Novilia customers to book an appointment with their advisor directly from the company's website, even outside opening hours. Thus, before the tenants had to call or go to an agency to make an appointment with a customer service representative. Now, they make an appointment from their intranet by choosing one of the 7 categories of appointments.  


By adopting Agendize's online booking solution, Plurial Novilia chose to adopt a turnkey solution that met its needs in the field while synchronizing with the existing one.

The most important benefit to Plurial Novilia has been the decongestion of its call-center and physical receptions. But that's not all !

The Agendize solution has been configured according to the specificities of the real estate sector.

This allowed Plurial Novilia to propose seven appointment categories available for online appointments, with specific durations set for each.

This leads to optimized schedules and increased productivity for account managers.

In addition, the appointment reminder feature has reduced the number of appointments not honored by tenants.

Finally, tenant satisfaction has increased, as they enjoy greater flexibility and can now take a 24-hour appointment from their intranet and are received at the agreed time.

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CTA_how to enhance customer engagement



We hope this blog post was helpful to you, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions on getting started with appointment booking through Agendize and linking it to Google My Business.


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