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Agendize Product Updates June 2020

June 09 2020 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 2 minutes read

New features & Innovations


Appointment notes

You can collect Appointment notes at booking with this new widget field, so that your client can write down specific request or requirements for the event. These notes will show up for the event preview in the calendar :

Appointment notes

Please find our documentation here


Resize an event from the calendar view to change its duration

In the same way you can drag&drop events in the calendar, you can now resize it using its bottom-right hand corner to change its duration :

Resize an event

Videocall for appointment scheduling

Please read our documentation to illustrate how you can integrate videoconferencing solutions into your appointment notifications.

Google & Microsoft sign-in for backoffice access

If the email address of your login is a Google or Microsoft account, you can use the related sign-in button to log into the backoffice :

Google and Microsoft Sign-in

Zapier integration

A couple of new features were added to our Zapier integration :

  • Our integration is now available for all our datacenters and on-premise installations
  • A new trigger is added for new responses to your custom forms
  • A new action is available to send out an email-marketing
  • A new action is also added to create an appointment


Email-marketing: Reply-To email address

If you want get responses when the recipients hit Reply : you can now enter a Reply-To email address : 

Email marketing

Please find our documentation here

New CRM fields for your message templates

You can add new CRM fields into email and SMS templates :

  • client background or context (eg: usual preferences, global expectations, current priorities)
  • custom CRM fields (eg: enterprise registration number, business category, follow-up, recent purchases)

CRM fieldsPlease find our documentation here



Match each custom form response to the related CRM entry

When a new response is submitted for one of your custom forms, it will be automatically added to a new or existing CRM entry if an email address or phone number is collected.

Please find our documentation here

Get ICS calendar URL for a group of staff

Each group of staff is associated with an ICS URL so that you can display it in a calendar software (eg: iCalendar on MacOS) or use it as an external calendar of an existing staff to handled two-staffs services (such as a massage for two).

Calendar Sync

Please find our documentation here

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