[Product Updates] Agendize Product Updates September 2019

Product Updates // September 28 2019


Reseller | How to roll out multiple customer accounts & companies via API

If you are a reseller or franchisor, you can rely on Agendize API to create multiple accounts for your clients. You can find our documentation here, describing how to do that with the tool Postman.

Calendar | Staff custom period management has a new interface

The interface now displays list of custom periods vertically. Each one is subtitled with the date interval it applies to:



Please find our documentation here

Email | Illustrate your email notifications with a photo of the service

You can now embed a picture of a service in email templates with the dynamic text: {service photo url}


Please find our documentation here

Reports | Get custom source in your Excel report “Appointment details

You can add the GET parameter "source" in your widget URL as another way to specifically identify the origin of a booking. For example: "fb" for Facebook, or "site" or “gmb” for Google My Business. The custom source information is now included in the Excel report or the Appointment details report.


Please find our documentation here

Reseller | Alert email template for low credit

It is now possible to automatically notify your customers when their credit gets lower than $2 for text-messages and phonecalls. The setting is located in the Scheduling parameters of the reseller console. The email template can of course be customized: 


Please find our documentation here


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