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Agendize Product Updates August 2019

August 28 2019 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 1 minute read

New features & Innovations


Appointment preview from the calendar: "Paid by Client" button

It is now easier to switch an appointment to the “Paid” status with the new button available in the preview pop-in:

1 update EN aout 2019


A $ icon will show up on the calendar to signal this appointment as paid.

Please read our documentation: How to Manage your appointments

Display date in your locale in the backoffice

You can choose to display dates in your backoffice depending on your locale, the same way the scheduling widget does, through your Account settings. For instance, you can use the UK format (en_GB rather than en_US):


2 update EN aout 2019

Staff vacations & company bank-holidays

The web interfaces to enter dates of unavailabilities are now more easier to use.

New columns in Excel & CSV format exports in the report section

Customized statuses for appointments as well consents over personal data collected from clients are now available in XLS and CSV exports of your reports.


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