[Product Updates] Agendize gets a new design this summer

Product Updates // June 28 2019


Our calendar interface will get a major update in the upcoming weeks. The new features will enable you to easily navigate your console and it will provide further details for your schedule.

Here are the main changes:

  • A mini-calendar display will always be on screen for both Weekly and Monthly views ;
  • New navigation controls will be provided along with a shortcut button to get back to today’s date ;
  • Weekly view becomes the default one for new accounts ;
  • A Planning mode to see the list of upcoming appointments (relevant for doctors, hairdresser) ;
  • Status button “Paid by client” available right from the appointment preview


The rollout of these items will be progressive and will start mid-July


Feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions!



Daily view



Weekly view


Monthly view



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