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Agendize Product Updates February 2020

February 05 2020 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 1 minute read

New features & Innovations



 Drag&drop your appointments from the calendar view

Both Daily & Weekly calendar views now support drag&drop of appointments (except appointments for multiple attendees). When using Daily view, you can use this feature to reassign an appointment to a different staff (dispatch).

EN - Drag and drop


Improved support for recurring events in external ICS calendars

Both staffs’ and locations’ settings enable to associate an ICS external calendar to read unavailabilities from an third-party calendar (such as Microsoft Exchange or iCloud). The support of ICS format is enhanced to better reflect recurring events as unavailable timeslots in Agendize.

Please find our documentation here

Scheduling | Reminders sent either to email or to SMS

You can now choose to send reminders by email or text-message. For instance, a first email reminder can be sent the day before the appointment, and a SMS reminder can be sent 1 hour before the appointment.


Please find our documentation here


Module reports and their Excel exports are improved to include forecast amount for appointments with a price, groups of services and payment provider used when the appointment was paid.

Please find our documentation here


Watcher actions reflected in HTTP header

When relying on Agendize API watchers, the HTTP header X-Agendize-objectEvent has been extended to more objects, so that when one is updated the API watch will notify the change along with an indication about the type of update (eg: X-Agendize-objectEvent: deleted).

Please find our documentation here


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