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Gather powerful client data from the new Live Chat feature

September 28 2017

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Gather powerful client data from the new Live Chat feature

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Make Agendize work overtime for you with the new Live Chat! While empowering clients with automating the appointment scheduling process, business owners can now easily gather qualified customer information right from the chat console.

Fully integrated with our engagement tools, such as online appointment and form builder, our improved Live Chat nurtures the integrated CRM to help businesses improve efficiency and develop spot-on sales strategies.

What you can do with our new Live Chat add-on*:

  • Feed your hot new leads list! All new chats will automatically feed your contact list.
  • Personalize all your conversations! The client profile of your chat user will be directly displayed as soon as the conversation starts.
  • Leave no questions unanswered! Thanks to its smooth experience, you can view at a glance the conversation flow by jumping from one chat to another and by entering a group conversation.


Agendize live chat


  • Take action from the chat! The actions you need will be right where you want them. Add an appointment, edit the client profile!
  • Add notes to yourself! Leave a comment on each Live Chat conversation to keep better track of your activities.


Agendize Live Chat


  • Send a conversation history via email! Use new filters, smart searches, logical sorting and send the conversation history by email to get exactly what you need.


Agendize Live Chat


* Live Chat is available with our Calls and Form Builder plans and can be requested as an upgrade to our Appointment Scheduling plans.

Have questions on how to implement the Live Chat or want to request a demo of this new feature? Contact our Customer Support team today!

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