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Brand compliant customer experiences for multi location businesses

June 24 2021 | Florentin

Modified on 16/03/22 | 3 minutes read


As every day we see new digital solutions hitting the market, you can easily believe that amongst all those new solutions, many of them won’t not only fit your feature requirements, but they will also drive brand consistency across all your locations.

"Of course you can customise your appointment scheduling experience. Thanks to XYZ you can add your logo here and even your favorite colour!" OK, but … what about the multi-location fashion retailer, the regional or national insurance group, or the auto repair franchise that wants needs to maintain branding consistency across its locations and channels? Well… sorry to tell you that most solutions out there are not designed to help you (easily) manage hundreds of locations and points of sale in a brand-compliance fashion. 


A brand consistent path-to-appointment

If many appointment scheduling solutions offer a personalisation of the customer experience, it is often minimal (change of logo, text, removal of a large banner "this service is provided by XYZ", addition of a question to the form...).

We can indeed understand that these solutions want to advertise their brand. But few care about providing developers, product managers and designers with a white label platform they can (really) take control of. 


📣 By the way, we are preparing a brand new look-and-feel for our appointment scheduling widget. We'll tell you more soon, we promise. In the meantime, and if you need inspiration, here is a ready to use and to ready to customise CSS template.

Your brand, your voice

Once an appointment is scheduled, you need to ensure that all follow-ups are also brand compliant. In addition to respecting your visual identity (a network-wide message template editor is a must have), feel free to use this opportunity to: 

💡 Communicate on your Covid-19 crisis response policy

💡 Highlight one of your blog posts

💡 Push a survey or even solicit a review

💡 Advertise a new product or service

The data you need to make strategic decisions

As the head of a franchise network or national brand, you need as many insights possible to make the right decisions. The digital tools you asses should allow you to:

📊 Access reporting and customer data in real time, from a single place (don't wait from each local manager to forward their stats, full transparency is a must in a fast-moving world) 

📊 Control who within your organisation has access to reporting, while letting your local managers understand how they are performing

📊 Collect reviews and customer feedback to help with your e-reputation and improve the quality of your products and services

📊 Easily export and share reports in different format (the best being of course to have direct access to data using an API so you can consolidate all your different reports and run meta analysis)


Choosing a scalable partner

Everything we saw before is great, but if you need to spend hundreds of hours putting all of it together, to train a team to manually setup and configure accounts for all your stores, how good is that? It will be even more complicated when it comes to make changes in the future as your territorial presence and catalog of services evolves.

So, when you are assessing an online appointment scheduling solution, ask yourself:

👉 Are tools and resources provided to help me launch hundreds or even thousands of locations in one set of actions?

👉 How easy is it to create, remove, or edit a location?

👉 Does it provide management tools such as access right and user permissions?

👉 Can I connect and integrate with other tools?


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