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Management software and online agendas : what are the benefits for insurers ?

May 23 2019 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 5 minutes read

Customer Relationship


To meet the challenges of customer relationship digitalization and to adapt to the expectations of an ever more demanding clientele, more and more insurers are turning to management software and online agendas.

But what are the real benefits brought by these dematerialized solutions?

CTA_how to enhance customer engagement

Implementing digital solutions to keep up with the sector's transformation

For many years, many technological and digital innovations have been emerging and changing our habits and lifestyles. The business world is also affected by these developments and must adapt day after day.

Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence (AI), customer relationship digitalization... Several new technologies have indeed upset the operational models, the management of companies in-house and the customer experience. Banking and insurance are among the first sectors to have integrated and used information automation techniques, notably via the introduction of tele-operators and call-centers already decades ago (allowing to facilitate the subscription, the management of the files, the indemnity of losses ...).

Insurance companies are now numerous to wish to continue in this way and accelerate their digital strategy, whatever their size and field of intervention (life insurance, property insurance, home insurance, car insurance or other products).

To avoid falling behind their competitors, insurers must transform the distribution model of their products and services: in particular, they must integrate the digital and the potential of digital technologies into their transformation strategy.

By modernizing and multiplying their communication channels, insurance companies can maintain constant contact with their policyholders and offer them an unparalleled customer experience.


Digitize the customer relationship to strengthen it 

In its Study on the digital revolution in the French insurance sector, published in March 2018, the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR) recalls that " insurers share this ambition to go faster to put the customer at the heart of the whole strategy ".

Having always placed the satisfaction of their customers at the heart of their concerns, insurance companies now wish to offer their insureds efficient digital sales processes, totally dematerialized. The digital solutions offered by online management and agenda software enable insurers to redefine their distribution models and offer new services to their customers.

These new digital platforms first allow insurers to collect, analyze and easily keep their customers' personal data (their profile, the history of their exchanges and their claims, their possible payment difficulties ...) . The relations between insurer and insured, and the telephone exchanges (or by email), are thus quickly personalized.

Online solutions also facilitate many steps. Offers are easier to compare; Insureds can request quotes, subscribe to an offer, track a claim, or quickly report an incident online (for example, they can send photos and description of the incident directly from their smartphone). Insurers can thus benefit from a double advantage: that of acquisition and retention of customers.

The "multichannels" and the various digital tools already set up by several insurance companies (website, social networks, extranets platforms) allow them to act at all stages of the life cycle of the insurance contract, by dematerializing exchanges and  the documents sending. Setting up an extranet, giving access to an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use customer account interface, helps insurers broaden their range of services: customers can easily file claims online, pay dues, download and print their certificates, manage their options online ...

To offer its customers quality services, online insurance via the internet must also offer comprehensive and effective support services. It must in particular set up solutions to facilitate communication between insurer and insured, for example by sending SMS or emails.

Management software and online agendas help insurance companies measure customer satisfaction, stay competitive, and continue to improve. Insureds can give their opinion easily and quickly, in a fun and interactive way, through a system of notes and feedbacks. This information is valuable to the insurer: it allows it to stay closer to the expectations of its customers.


Respond to consumers' expectations and needs through online agendas 

Online agendas are intended first unblock call-centers and information platforms. Appointments are taken online directly by the insured; advisors and operational departments thus have more time to manage other type of requests (especially to monitor their client portfolio).

Consumers today want to be able to use communication channels and technologies in a fluid, clear and transparent way, to receive fast, even instantaneous answers, at any time of the day (including evenings and weekends). They want to save time, both in their services searching and during the purchase process. 

Agendas and online scheduling software for insurance can transform the customer relationship by offering this type of response. Insureds only have to go to the insurance company's website (24/7) from their smartphone, tablet or computer. Among the available slots, they select the appropriate time slot to be recalled or to make an appointment in an agency. These digital platforms enable insurance companies to save valuable time and be more efficient and productive, while offering quick and easy solutions to their customers, to build long-term loyalty.

Easy to use and integrate on a website, management software and online agendas can also limit no-shows appointments: a notification can be scheduled and sent to the insured just before his appointment (SMS or by email), also reminding him of the supporting documents to bring during his appointment.


Management software to facilitate the organization and management of internal teams 

The shared agenda and online management software are not only for insurers' customers. In fact, these dematerialized solutions also make it possible to improve and facilitate the internal organization of the company.  

These digital platforms offer several interesting features for insurance companies: the shared online calendars allow for example to organize meetings or schedule recurring events internally, without having to consult all services and departments upstream. by email. The management of some projects can also be more easily programmed and planned.

Online management and agenda software are therefore essential today. They allow insurance companies to pursue the digitalization of their customer relationship, and to continue to meet the requirements of an ever more connected clientele.


CTA_how to enhance customer engagement

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