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Your Notary is always available with Online Appointment Scheduling

December 11 2019 | Florentin

Modified on 16/03/22 | 2 minutes read

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We went to meet Nicolas Jonquet, Notary Senior Partner at the Notarial Office Jonquet & Chaton in Troyes. The Office uses the online appointment scheduling tool designed by the CSN and developed by the ADSN group with AGENDIZE technology.

"AGENDIZE allows us to improve our organization in the management of our files"

Can you present the notary office?

The Jonquet & Chaton Notarial Office in Troyes is composed of 3 associate notaries including Maître Julien Chaton, Maître Cécile De Clarens-Jonquet and myself, Maître Nicolas Jonquet. We took over the firm a few years ago.

We are a multidisciplinary and professional team specialized in different fields including heritage, family and business. Our aim is to offer high-performance services including digital tools to bring us closer to our "clients" while meeting the ethical requirements of the profession.

How do you manage your appointments today?

To date, all our appointments are managed by our switchboard and relayed to our sales assistants. 

The office has a very good reputation in the city for decades. We must therefore maintain this relationship of trust but also offer our services to all audiences via digital channels such as facebook or Linkedin. Digital communication is very important for us and this is why the ADSN and the CSN are at the initiative of projects aiming at improving the daily life of the notaries.

Jonquet Chaton Google Maps

Since when do you accept online appointments?

We use it now since June and offer this service is a "must have" in the modernity of the profession.

The firm is part of an ISO 9001 initiative aimed at improving the quality of our communications with our customers such as remote signing or videoconferencing with our clients and colleagues. Online appointment scheduling is part of this logic.

What are the benefits of online appointment scheduling for you and your teams?

In addition to setting appointments, AGENDIZE allows us to improve our organization in the management of our files. The other benefits are the decluttering of the standard, the availability and responsiveness of our teams to the services provided to customers.

Do you think that setting up online appointment scheduling has improved the vision of your digital team?

As explained above, we are aware of the importance of digital tools and the benefits they can bring to the comfort of our customers and our teams.

Regarding online appointment scheduling, our ideal is that this service evolves in the second time to the organization of different notaries’ calendars and customers to find the appropriate date for the signing of a file. Currently, this tool is primarily used as a first contact for consultations, inquiries or file openings.

How would you describe the Agendize team's support for this project? Are you satisfied?

The support is very professional and benevolent.


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