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Customer relationship management — how can we efficiently innovate

June 20 2018 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 3 minutes read

Customer Relationship

To remain on top of the digital transformation has become a significant competitive advantage with the advent of new technologies. Now, with customer experience as a major differentiation criteria, companies must use innovative tools to improve management of customer relationship and meet new expectations.

Get ready for the new expectations of your customers

The digitization of the customer relationship is becoming a significant economic issue. According to studies, companies that have adopted a process of digital transformation have grown six times more than less innovative companies. So, to meet the new expectations of the consumer, the majority of companies has to put in place innovative strategies. The technological revolution has transformed customer expectations and, consequently, customer relationship management (CRM). More specific and more demanding, these expectations reflect their new needs. But what are they exactly? 

1 - Recognition

The "mass market" spirit and the standardization of the brand-customer relationship are well and truly over. Every customer today wants to be considered by brands as a specific entity, with precise requirements. The implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is essential to maintain the history of customer interactions and to be able to personalize the relationship. According to Mark Taylor, from Super Office, 91% of businesses with more than 11 people use CRM for their Customer Relationship strategy. The CRM market accounted for $ 37 billion in 2017.


2 - Simplicity

Consumers want a simplified, fast and transparent customer journey. Their time is limited, so it is necessary that all stages, from the connection to the purchase, are fluid.


3 - Innovation and customization

Today's customers get tired quickly and want to be perpetually surprised. Innovation is a crucial element of client satisfaction and loyalty. Besides, the offers have to be personalized. Remember: the customer is a unique entity with its own needs. The use of custom forms is essential to gather information that is important and doesn’t frustrate the user with redundant questions.


4 - Speed

In the face of increased competition, time is a decisive element in the purchasing decision process. That is why many companies have bet on the speed of logistics as a growth factor.


5 - Availability

Since time has become a rarity, availability is an inseparable variable of any CRM strategy. The wait, in particular, is perceived by the client as a lack of professionalism. Booking appointments online is a must to meet the new expectations of consumers and optimize the management of customer relationship.


6 - Responsiveness

Currently, consumers follow their favorite brands on social networks and inform themselves through their website. They expect businesses to incorporate specific responsiveness on these channels with relationship marketing. A Live Chat system is an excellent example of a feature that makes it easy to interact with a visitor and be responsive to requests.


7 - Solidarity

We live in the collaborative economy era. In this context, the consumer expects companies that create social bonds and highlight sharing values.

What are the benefits for the company

  • Better knowledge of the prospect — A valuable customer database allows you to understand your target customers better and offer them a personalized experience to increase your conversion rate.


  • The loyalty of the clientele — Provide answers to your customers and place them at the heart of your business model. By this way, you multiply your chances of retaining them.


  • Increase in turnover — CRM solutions, such as Agendize, allow you to visualize your statistics: you can analyze what actions have permitted conversion and what strategies to put in place to increase your sales. 65% of professionals using a CRM report reaching their sales quotas, compared to 22% for those who do not use them.


Customer relationship management has become one significant business issue. Discover the different digital solutions that will allow you to improve your customer relationship. Click here to contact Agendize today or download our e-Book with the complete best practices for client relationship.


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