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Increase your productivity thanks to Zapier

April 26 2022 | Florentin

Modified on 26/04/22 | 3 minutes read


Which company has never been confronted with the problem of transferring data between services or between applications? Natively, there is little chance that your tools will all communicate with each other. Finding a single tool that will meet the needs of all your business units is equivalent to the quest for the Holy Grail.

You would have to devote your time to finding the perfect tool that can meet the needs of all your teams, unfortunately you spend half your time on time-consuming tasks, without much added value but essential to the proper functioning of your business. What if we told you that there is precisely a solution that allows you to create interconnections between all your tools to simplify your work and all this in "no code"?

What is Zapier ?

Zapier is an online tool that allows the automation of many tasks by creating workflows between applications. Zapier thus makes it possible to create connections between more than 3000 applications including Agendize, Gmail, Google Sheet, Slack... and this without having any notion of coding.

The operation is simple, all you have to do is create workflows called "zaps" from a trigger element that you have defined beforehand: sending an email, making a new appointment...


Intégrations zapier

Some of the applications compatible with Zapier


Boost your productivity

Zapier allows you to automate previously time-consuming tasks such as sending an email, creating a new appointment, adding a note to a customer file ... The tool allows you to get rid of these tedious tasks to devote yourself henceforth to those with higher added value.

Find information at the right time, in the right place

By pairing two apps you use every day, Zapier lets you sort and organize data in the best possible way for you so you never miss out on it again. crucial information.

Save money

Zapier is a "No code" application, meaning that no development is necessary to be able to use the tool and thus link your applications together. You don't need to hire independent developers to do this work.


👉 more than 3000 compatible, interconnectable applications 

👉 free version giving access to 5 zaps that run up to 100 times a day

👉 4 paid subscriptions (Zapier plans and pricing)

Why connect Agendize to Zapier ?

Agendize is one of the 3000 compatible applications. Beyond the native integrations offered by our solution and our new Workflows service (link events emitted by the Agendize solution to actions internal or external to the solution), Zapier allows you to interconnect your appointment scheduling solution with many other tools of your daily life. To do this, you must make sure you have a Zapier account and connect your two tools. Once done you can start creating zaps. The interconnection of these two applications offers many possibilities, including those of: 

👉 creating an appointment

👉 creating a new contact in the CRM

👉 adding a note to a contact in the CRM

👉 searching for an availability slot

👉 creating a new service

👉 create a new team member


On the partner/reseller side, Zapier offers significant time savings to teams by automating account creation for new customers. Using a simple form, it is possible to collect the information necessary for the creation of the Agendize account, the zap set up makes it possible to transfer the information and thus create the account automatically without the intervention of one of the team members.


Now you have all the basic information to switch to Zapier! Do you need personalized support ? You can now schedule an appointment with one of our account managers by clicking on the button below :

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