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How to integrate Agendize with your CRM

July 18 2019 | Florentin

Modified on 16/03/22 | 2 minutes read

Online Appointment Scheduling


In a highly competitive environment, it is essential to know your customers if you want to increase your profits and sustain your long-term business relationships. To meet this objective Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is a helpful tool. 

But what is a CRM, why is it important, and what is its scope of application?

What is a CRM ?

CRM is a database that centralizes all the interactions between a company and its customers. This allows the company to capitalise on customer knowledge in order to better understand, anticipate and meet their needs. 

CRM is a collaborative tool that brings together different departments of a company in order to help them collaborate more easily. This tool has many features, including the following:

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The importance of CRM

With the rise of digital, it is more important than ever to identify and understand the expectations and needs of your customers. Indeed, within a simple click, an unsatisfied customer can quickly turn to the competition. To minimize this risk, customer relationship management helps you better define your business strategy. In addition, the use of customer relationship management is part of a marketing approach called "relational", which aims to build long-term businesses relations.  To remain competitive over time, it is necessary to master the knowledge of your customers and follow-up your exchanges, in order to customize each customer experience and thus retain them and build customer advocacy.

Built-in CRM

Agendize’ online appointment scheduling solution has a CRM part. Indeed, to book an appointment online, customers are invited to leave their name, first name and contact informations. In this context, the data is recorded in the CRM thus allowing the company to optimize its customer relationship. This allows the professional to quickly record and access all customer information and their interactions. In just a few clicks, he can view the information needed to customize his communication with each customer. Here is more in detail what it is possible to do with the CRM Agendize: 

  • Display a contact card: Access to the contact card of the customers, allows you to edit their data, to access the historic of the interactions, to see consents obtained on personal data, and finally to add private notes. 
  • Search for contacts according to one or more criteria: You can make an advanced search by filtering the fields present on the contact cards and even from personalized fields. You can also search contacts according to the date of their last activity.
  • Export your contact list: You can download your contact list as an XLS file (Microsoft Excel format).
  • Send an email to your contacts: Finally, you can send emails to your customers by clicking "Send a message". These emails can be sent to a group of customers by selecting them before clicking this button.
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3rd Party Integrations

You already implemented a CRM such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics? Synchronize it with Agendize's online appointment scheduling solution. For more information about synchronization, go check our support page dedicated


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