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Customer Relationship // May 30 2019


Did you know? Consumers consult an average of 10 online customer reviews before assessing the quality of a service offered by a local merchant or service provider (Bright Local 2018 survey). Indeed, after a professional appointment, customers quickly make an opinion on your brand.

Collecting their feedback is a major challenge to evolve and eventually improve your products and services. But then, what are the tools that can collect customer returns? How to use them and what are their advantages? Here is a summary of the elements necessary for your marketing strategy.


CTA_how to enhance customer engagement 


The satisfaction survey is a must to collect feedback from customers. It is both a classic but effective tool. Despite the fact that it is not always pleasant to receive criticism about its products or services, this is the main objective of a satisfaction survey: identifying points that are not going to improve them.

There are many benefits. Since you define the questions yourself, you define the subject of the survey, so you are sure to get accurate and complete answers! In addition, you can also collect information about your customers if you wish: demographic data, economic data, consumption habits, etc. This allows an accurate analysis of needs, and therefore a more thoughtful customer relationship.

Who has not already had to complete a very long questionnaire survey with questions and sub-questions that never end? Avoid doing this kind of process to your customers: be clear and concise. Make as many short and simple questions as possible, while giving your respondents several choices of answers.


The contact form is the perfect tool to give your customers the opportunity to express themselves freely and at any time. Accessible from your website 24/7, it gives the opportunity to your customers to leave their opinion when they want and without registration.

A contact form differs from a satisfaction survey. Customers who wish to leave their opinion will do it by their own, but will not wish to spend hours there either. Everything must be designed to facilitate its approach: the best is to be able to access it from a simple button, to leave spaces provided with basic coordinates, then a text space with a free field. In order to maintain a good client relationship, respondents will need to take the time to complete each remark and answer each question. Once in place, this contact form will be greatly helpful for your company!


This is the easiest customer feedback tool to set up. The star rating system allows customers to express their satisfaction (or not) with a service, and this just after consuming it. Agendize solution also allows you to link the result of the post appointment survey to your Google my Business profile.

Let's take an example: a customer takes an online appointment at his hairdresser for a haircut. At the end of his appointment, he can automatically receive an email asking him to rate the performance of the hairdresser, on a scale of 1 to 5 stars! The answers are automatically saved in a customer file specific to the company. It is therefore a fast and effective way to have "hot" customer feedback, which is often representative of the feelings of your customers.

Interested in this topic? Feel free to download our guide on the digitalisation of the customer relationship!


CTA_how to enhance customer engagement



We hope this blog post was helpful to you, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions on getting started with appointment booking through Agendize and linking it to Google My Business.


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