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How to create a successful email campaign

February 19 2020 | Claire

Modified on 16/03/22 | 3 minutes read



Promotions, news, appointment reminders, … there are so many reasons why email is companies’ most preferred channel of communication with their customers. But emails are not always open and tend to end up in the trash.

To avoid this, here are 5 easy tips to carry out an effective and impactful email marketing campaign !


1 Who is your target ?

2 What is your subject line ?

3 Do not neglect the preview texte (or preheader text) 

4 Create a responsive email

5 Images, yes but whithout excess !

1 Who is your target ?

The starting point to any good emailing campaign is targeting. Create lists from the email addresses of your customers who have previously given their consent to receive marketing communications. 

To carry out a good targeting you must first segment your clientele according to various criteria which have their importance according to your sector of activity. Men, women, age, purchasing habits ... choose consistent criteria according to your activity and to your clientele. 

Do not send an email to a customer whose content does not target them, they may unsubscribe from your broadcasts. 


A tip from Agendize :

You can perform multi-criteria searches from your Agendize platform and add tags to your contact profiles in order to segment them according to the criteria that you have predefined. 


2 What is your subject line?

The subject line is the first glimpse of the email, this is what will motivate or not your contact to open it.

When you write it think “concise”! Your subject line must not exceed 6 to 7 words to be attractive, but also be displayed in the various messaging services. In addition, the use of action verbs such as: “discover” “profit”, “benefit” will allow you to arouse the curiosity of your contacts and encourage them to open up.

The integration of personalization tags in the subject line will allow you to personalize your emails. Adding a “first name” tag will make it possible to appeal to your recipient.

Bonus: Emojis can make your emails more visible and therefore more easily catch the eye of your readership. Attention, according to the webmails the emojis are displayed differently.


3 Do not neglect the preview text (or preheader text)

The preview text consists of the few lines following the subject line. 

The latter to its importance, it gives a more precise idea of ​​the content of your email. It therefore complements the subject line. Unfortunately, it is often misused or not even exploited. Like the subject line, this text must be short and attractive

Consider doing tests to get an idea of ​​its display according to webmails and check that it is not truncated.


4 Create a responsive email

You email needs to adapts to all screens: computer, smartphone or tablet. In 2015, in the US, 52% of emails were opened from a smartphone, 32% on computers and only 15% were read from a tablet. 

To give you an idea, a Statista study reveals that in 2020, there will be 272.6 million smartphone owners in the United States.

A tip from Agendize :

Emails sent from our platform automatically adapt so you don’t have to worry the device your contact is using !


5 Images, yes but without excess !

Images allow you to animate and energize the content of your emails. You can add a few to catch the eye of your readers, but don't overdo it. Too many images may make the email too heavy and therefore take more or too much time to load at the risk of seeing your readers abandon. 

In addition, adjust their sizes so that your readers won’t have to zoom in or out to see both the photos and the text. Everything must be readable at first glance and your images must complement and animate your emails in relation to its content.


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