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How to choose the right online appointment scheduling solution

July 27 2022 | Florentin

Modified on 27/07/22 | 4 minutes read

Online Appointment Scheduling

Whether you are a CEO, marketing director, project manager, CIO or sales manager, if you are looking for an online appointment scheduling solution, know you are in the right place! 


This past year, marked by the Covid-19 crisis, has brought new technologies to light more than ever. QR Code and online appointment scheduling have become the daily life of many workers and citizens of the world! While scheduling appointments no longer holds any secrets for some, others are now about to take the plunge.

Here is a guide to help you choose your future solution ! 

Above all, it is a question of knowing precisely your needs and expectations for scheduling appointments online. Each software has its specificities and some are even specialized for a given sector of activity. Take the time to find out and contact the sales teams. In many cases you will be able to benefit from a demonstration and a personalized discussion time with a customer representative.

The characteristics of online appointment scheduling

Thought out and developed to allow professionals to free themselves from planning management, online appointment scheduling solutions have, over time, adopted many features to simplify the work of the teams. Among these you will easily find: 

👉 emails and/or SMS appointment reminder 

👉 service management

👉 integration with external calendars

👉 an automated client file

These basic features are included in most subscriptions solutions. However, be careful ⚠️⚠️, many freemium offers limit access to these features, which are considered essential for many businesses. 

Depending on the size of your business, you might need additional features to help you with customer relationship management. By opting for an intermediate offer you will be able to claim:

👉 the management of services and resources

👉 the sending of email marketing campaigns

👉 the creation of contextual forms

👉 easy access to activity reports


Agendize top features

Just like user management or directional synchronization, the platform's functionalities are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Improve your customer relationship

Beyond online appointment scheduling, Agendize has been designed as a customer relationship management solution. We have forged partnerships and developed features internally to offer our customers unique features designed for their uses: 

👉 The digital queue simplifies the organization of the sales area and offers consumers a shopping experience unique and quality

👉 Click to Call and Call tracking allow businesses to control and analyze the flow of incoming telephone calls

Remember to compare the integration possibilities offered by the different solutions ! 

Boost Your Productivity

Nobody wants to have to shake up their work routines to accommodate the integration of a new tool. The primary objective of an online appointment scheduling solution is to relieve the work of teams by automating planning management and digitizing the appointment booking process. The solutions offer multiple integrations. They are a real asset to your business so compare and contact the sales teams for more information. 

Agendize provides its customers with a large number of integrations : Google Analytics, PayPal, Teams and many more. The most popular tools integrate with Agendize! Thanks to our connectors, API and integration with Zapier, you can connect an infinite number of applications to Agendize in just a few clicks. 


The case of Google My Business

Beyond facilitating the work of your teams, integrations are also a way to gain visibility and differentiate yourself from your competitors. By integrating an appointment scheduling solution such as Agendize into your Google My Business profile , you gain visibility and increase your appointment rate.

Enhance your brand

Agendize white label program offers companies the possibility of taking 100% ownership of the solution. It's simple, our brand disappears behind yours ! This seemingly innocuous feature allows businesses to enhance their brand image and identity by unifying all their communication channels in the colors of their company to gain visibility and notoriety! 

Discover all of our features


Last but not least, security is everyone's business ! 

With an intensification of online activities in recent years, data protection laws have evolved. It is the responsibility of each company to ensure total protection of the data of its consumers. Each company, due to its location, meets the requirements of its country in terms of regulations and compliance with laws on the management of personal data.

At Agendize, we have made security our priority. Our servers are hosted in France and the United States by suppliers implementing 24/7 protections. The data collected via our platform is stored solely to provide the linking service between you and your users: Agendize does not make commercial use of this data.


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