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How to build your customer relationship strategy

January 21 2021 | Claire

Modified on 16/03/22 | 2 minutes read

Customer Relationship

 While customer relationship management has become essential for any type of company in order to build customer loyalty and, by extension, sustain its business, it can be a real headache for many of them. 

Here are 4 tips to improve your customer relationship management


        Listening is the starting point of any customer relationship development strategy. It is impossible to animate your customers effectively without knowing them. Collect, analyze and process data about your customers to better understand their desires and expectations in order to offer them the most appropriate offer. 



        No more mass emails sent to your entire contact list! Make room for personalized emails. To do this, you must first qualify your leads, prospects and customers to send them an effective communication. Your best ally will be marketing automation ! Set up various communication scenarios for your customers according to their degree of involvement in the buying process. 

You increase your opening rate and thus your visibility by communicating in an efficient way. 


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Stay consistent

        Through your various communication channels, think about your identity ! Define the keywords that best characterize your business. You must integrate them into your various channels to create consistency between each and a common thread for the visitor. Coherence must also be thought in terms of design. Think of a unique graphic identity applicable to your various media in order to reassure and establish your notoriety


Offer value

        Stand out from the crowd by offering your customers high value-added content! 

Blog articles, newsletters, posts and stories on social networks, webinars and others are different ways at your disposal to offer content that is out of the ordinary and moreover presents a value in the eyes of your target. Adapt the supports according to the products and services you sell and of course to your target audience.


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