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How to attract new clients with innovative solutions

July 31 2018 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 4 minutes read

Customer Relationship

Your company's entire business model is maintained because your clientele exists. And to continue to increase sales in order to develop, your business needs to know how to attract new customers. Today, thanks to digital marketing tools, you can succeed in acquiring customers by offering innovative solutions to your potential clients that enhance their experience.


What are the current digital needs of businesses

At a time when society is becoming more and more digitized, digital is seen as a lever for business development. In practice, it allows your company to offer a product or service to clients when they need it most, or have the actual time to access it. Customers today demand more effort from brands before buying their products or using their services.

Out of 7,000 consumers and buyers surveyed worldwide by Salesforce:

  • 57% expect companies that want them as potential customers or buyers to be innovative;
  • 55% expect more personalized offers;
  • 50% expect them to anticipate their needs and provide a simple mobile experience.

Theoretically, it is no longer a case of "the customer is King" but of offering the customer a very original and sometimes unique way into the market, providing an answer to their wishes in real time in order to give a truly "royal" customer experience.

To attract new customers, the company must, therefore, digitize its processes, adopt marketing tools that digitize the customer relationship, helping reach the target audience wherever, whenever, in order to access products or services tailored to their needs. Get Your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service Teams Working Together!


Develop your marketing and sales strategy to reach the right targets

To reach the right targets and win their hearts, you need to develop a strategy tailored to your target audience. Knowledge of the customer and their consumer behavior is, therefore, a key element to consider. It is knowing the client's profile and habits that enable you to choose the correct channels to reach them and offer your value, thus turning them into a customer. It is more than just knowing your client, it is the whole customer experience at stake, which will transform their purchasing process into an unforgettable journey.


How to attract customers who are unaware of your offer, your product or service or do not perceive all the added value that you offer

In practice, it is a real strategic step which requires increased commitment from all your teams, and real collaboration between sales, marketing, and customer service. For this, the sales, marketing, and customer service teams must agree on the characteristics of a potential qualified profile. With this step achieved, your marketing team uses social networks to create and promote effective and relevant marketing content to attract visitors and turn them into qualified potential clients who will want to talk to your salespeople. The sales team's task of converting these major leads into clients becomes easier. That's the challenge of developing a consumer-focused marketing and sales strategy. It's this strategy that will allow you to maximize your new client acquisition through high-value content and to explore new levers.


Here are 4 innovative solutions to offer your potential customers

Your marketing and sales strategy only helps you find customers if it integrates innovative solutions through a series of automatic actions to generate qualified sales leads, then converts them into customers. We offer you a list of 4 innovative tools and solutions that will make your potential clients decide to make a purchase:


  • SMS Marketing: it is obvious that mobile phones are a leading customer acquisition lever. SMS Marketing, as we know, is a marketing campaign that effectively exploits the text messaging channel to send automated text messages which are relevant and personalized to your prospects. You can include an invitation to purchase with a sense of urgency.
  • Call-To-Action: a button on your website that encourages your targets to become potential customers using landing page forms. It is an essential element in any marketing campaign. Different terms are used to attract the attention of qualified leads: make an appointment, free trial of our product, etc.
  • Click-To-Call: an interactive button that is always visible on your customer's screen when they are on your website. During their purchasing process, 61% of customers want the company to call them back. A simple click on the button and they can be called instantly, free of charge. A truly innovative solution that simplifies customer contact.
  • Live Chat: also a web marketing button, permanently integrated or as a pop-up, which allows the prospect, in one click, to start a conversation with a member of the sales team. It is another means of contact which is more responsive than e-mail.

The new generation of connected consumers is exploiting the possibilities of digital, and they expect brands to offer a tailored product, with a fluid client experience throughout the buyer’s journey. Your ability to offer them a product that meets their expectations along with a unique customer experience will allow you to engage them.

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