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How does Flashform plan the activity of its gym ?

June 20 2019 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 3 minutes read

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We went to meet Stéphane Herrgott, manager of the FlashForm gym and user of Agendize. He has found in our solution a complete digital tool, easy to use in order to manage both of his test sessions and group classes. Back on his testimony.


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A simple and effective online appointment scheduling solution 

Can you introduce your company ? 

Flashform is a gym, and more specifically a fitness center. We offer our members bodybuilding, fitness and cross-training.

Since when do you use the appointment online booking solution ? 

We have been using Agendize' online booking solution since early January 2019. 

What needs were met ? 

We offer our clients courses on appointment. This formula allows us to limit the number of places available, so that our coaches can provide the best follow-up to each member. So we needed a solution to optimize the management of our appointments.

How did you manage the appointments before that ? 

Before opting for an online appointment booking solution, our customers would phone us or send us messages on Facebook to book the slots they wanted to participate in. Then we recorded everything manually in our software. This way of work was providing us a lot of administrative work.

Did you have any fears before implementing the solution ? 

No, we did not have any particular fears.

Online scheduling saves us a lot of time

What are the benefits of online appointments booking for you and your team

Online scheduling saves us a lot of time, because we no longer need to synchronize our own calendars to book appointments.
In addition, it also allows us to significantly reduce our workload outside the gym opening hours. Our clients called us to book appointments when they thought about it. It could be Sunday night at 11pm as well as Monday morning at 7am. Now, they book an appointment online whenever they want, and we are no longer solicited outside of our working hours.

Do you think that setting up online appointments booking has improved the vision your employees have of digital 

I think my employees do not have any problem with digital, rather, they are happy to have tools like this to save time and practice their job more.
They are there to be coaches and not to schedule appointments.

Your favorite part of the tool 

The convenience because we only have to turn on the application to know if we have appointments or not. It's super simple, everything is synchronized in real time.

How do your customers have access to online appointments booking 

Our customers now book appointments from a button available on our Facebook and Google My Business pages, our website, as well as our reception desk at the entrance of the gym.

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Describe Agendize in one sentence 

A simple and effective online appointment scheduling solution.

Finally, how would you describe Agendize' support team on this project ? Are you satisfied ? 

Everything goes very well !


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