Google My Business in 5 essential points

Digital Marketing // June 27 2019


Over the years, Google My Business has quickly become an indispensable tool to gain visibility on the Web and increase in notoriety. But why is it so important to use it? And, what should we include on it? Answers in this infographic.

gmb infographics(Source: Article G. Dosnon

Feed your Google My Business page with these 5 essentials:

Your business informations 

The most important point when creating a Google My Business page is to integrate its business information. This is the main goal of this tool. So by entering your name, address, phone number and area of activity; When someone searches for a business in your area, your Google My Business page will move up in the first search results. Rather interesting way to reach new customers!

Your customer reviews 

Customer reviews count for a lot in the final decision of consumers. So it's important to include them in your Google My Business page, so you'll have the best chance to get new customers.

Photographs of your activity 

Photographs are a bonus, which is not negligible. In fact, companies with Google My Business photos receive 42% more commercial requests than those that do not. Here is a simple example: You are looking for a restaurant near you, so you type "restaurant" followed by your location in google. All Google My Business pages will come out in the first results. So you just have to make your choice. To make your choice, as the majority of consumers you will take a look to customer reviews, as well as photographs to visualize the place and their creations.

Posts to promote your offers 

Thanks to Google Posts, you can now share your content like on social networks (articles, offers, special ...) directly on Google My Business. This will allow you to improve your SEO, while allowing your client to directly access the content you want to show them.


Consumer habits in 2019 are changing, and videos are increasingly appreciated by consumers. Video is a great way to engage and communicate with your target audience.

CTA_how to enhance customer engagement



We hope this blog post was helpful to you, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions on getting started with appointment booking through Agendize and linking it to Google My Business.


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