Eyebrow Specialist creates loyalty with an appointment booking solution

Online Appointment Scheduling - Case Studies - Customer Relationship // February 01 2017

Unique and innovative businesses always need to carefully foster customer loyalty as they grow. While customers can always be amazed by the quality of someone’s work, an entrepreneur always has to offer their customers the best service possible and empower themselves to do so with the best tools on the market.

Alexandra Rosella of Alexandra Brows in Montreal, Canada definitely fits that example. Moved to strike out on her own after a negative experience with a major chain salon, she’s an eyebrow specialist who focuses on a simple philosophy that seems to stick: working with women’s proportions to enhance their natural beauty. What’s more, with Agendize Appointment Booking at her side, she’s able to maximize her client’s experience while also save herself both time and money.


Using Technology as an Entrepreneur

Alexandra didn’t have much to start with, but understood that opportunities were there for her if she was motivated to pursue them. “Within a year of starting from home, with a handful of clients and a little social media savvy, I was able to rent a room in a local salon and function as a strong, independent business. Some of my clients even call me their “eyebrow doctor!” —Alexandra Rosella 

While she’s built loyalty both her great work and knowing how to market herself, she also understands that using the right apps can also help her business grow. “We live in an era of online engagement,” adds Alexandra, “Calling on the phone, sending mail or knocking on a door don’t work anymore, customers want immediate answers, and solutions like Appointment Booking can give them that. Agendize gives my customers a great first impression, and when i direct clients to book online, it saves me time with basic questions, appointment details and more so I can focus on getting real work done.”


Motivated by Service Quality

Within her dynamic approach to connecting with her customers, Alexandra still maintains a clear focus on what it is they really value. “My clients are typically women between 25 and 45 years of age,” she says, “they want to have a luxurious, personalized experience - they have high-class taste and appreciate the finer details of beauty, so they really value the quality of my service. Agendize plays right into that by allowing them to book easily, so we can spend time discussing what really matters.”

“Agendize’s automated bookings also mean I can focus 100% on the customer at hand without having to pick up the phone, or even hire a secretary. That 100% focus can then be focused on giving them, while I easily manage everything through the Agendize Staff Mobile App, even booking follow-up appointments right when I’m finished with a client."


Offering Complete Coverage

While Alexandra dives deep in focusing on her clients, she also wants to offer new customers access from wherever they need. “After posting a small Facebook ad, I realized that over 80% of the ad’s views were on mobile. From there I used a mobile app builder to make an app for my business, and was able to include Agendize Appointment Booking myself. With Booking on my app, website and Facebook page, I’m never out of reach when my customers need me - it’s like my business is on-demand!”


Agendize deployed across Alexandra's web presence


While she loves the flexibility of Agendize’s booking widget, there are a series of advanced features that also allow her to really create loyalty for her customers, like manual appointment approval, a client history and built in client list, automated notifications and reminders, as well as email marketing that allows her to target specific clients when she wants to drive new business.

“I’ve definitely increased customer retention with Agendize, and because my customers have so much access, it means I can focus on providing great service, which is what really keeps them coming back,” adds Alexandra. “I’ve been told numerous times that clients choose my business because of the ability to schedule online, and with all the other functionality it offers, my business can grow the way I want it to!”


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