Dissatisfied customers — how to avoid turning your client into one

Online Appointment Booking - Customer Relationship // May 25 2018

All employees handling customer complaints will tell you, dissatisfied customers are not alike! Chronic complainers, opportunists, sincere, passionate or silent — every customer expresses their discontent in their own way. The task is not easy since 96% of dissatisfied customers do not report it directly to the company. On the other hand, according to researchers, an unsatisfied customer will let at least ten people know about it. Some of your potential customers will be affected by this negative word of mouth even if you do not know the initial dissatisfaction. So how to find and defuse these "silent bombs"?

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Do you know how to identify the types of dissatisfied clients


  • Opportunist — they are not precisely dissatisfied, but they are looking for financial compensation
  • Aggressive — grab every opportunity to express their dissatisfaction and do not hear your excuses
  • Passionate — express themselves with emotional outbursts, sometimes provoked by a minor prejudgement (real or imaginary)
  • Sincere — verbalize their discontent with sincerity 
  • Silent — represent the majority of dissatisfied clients, but they won't let you know 


The majority of dissatisfied clients are silent and prefer to check your competitors. So your business should look for ways to communicate before a dissatisfaction can happen. Be proactive! 

Having multiple communication channels encourage dissatisfied customers to express themselves.

Wanting to manage the dissatisfactions of your customers is one thing, knowing how to spot them is another! One of the most significant challenges is to identify a dissatisfaction from silent customers. So why not directly ask them?

Give time to dissatisfied customers — the satisfaction questionnaire

Your silent dissatisfied customers will be happy to answer your questionnaire, especially if it is personalized. The surveys are a real gold mine for information about the quality of your products/services.

Take their claim into account, and the dissatisfied customers could become a team of loyal ambassadors. However, it's a real job of reconquest! It is not enough to offer unhappy customers what they initially asked for but to show that you have been able to listen and that you are ready to surpass expectations to prove the values of your company.

Questionnaires make it possible to minimize situations of dissatisfaction by acting preventively and pro-actively on the potential causes of customer dissatisfaction. They will also allow you to identify the points of friction present on your customer journey and thus improve your customer experience.

Go straight to the point — online chat with dissatisfied customers

Live Chat is the online equivalent of the salesperson who comes to you in a store and says with a big smile, "Hello, can I help you?" This little sentence is, in fact, a potent magic formula — it has the power to turn an indecisive or shy client into a buyer.

In the proactive chat, unlike the classic Click-to-Chat, it is not the visitor who takes the initiative of the contact, but the business. You are not going to offer real-time help to all your visitors but only to those who are important to you. For example, you can target users who have clicked more than two questions in your FAQ or those who have returned multiple times to a product page without purchasing.

Online chat is a handy tool to respond to customers quickly. The goal is to be present and to listen to them in case of problems. By reducing frustrations, you avoid dissatisfaction.

This tool can also help you enrich your FAQ. If customers regularly ask the same questions about the chat and they do not appear in your FAQ, it would be wise to add them. With the Agendize solution, for example, you can use filters, smart searches, logical sorts to get precisely what you need.

Part of the Appointment Booking suite, Agendize's Form Build feature helps businesses better understand their clients and avoid making the same mistake with other customers. Whereas, Agendize's Live Chat feature ask your potential buyers if they need help. 

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