More Customization for your Agendize Scheduling widget

News - online scheduling // November 06 2017

Sometimes you need to gather specific information or provide more options for your clients to choose from for a particular service. With Agendize, you can add as many personalized fields as you want for your services.

Our software also allows you to add custom fields previously configured in the CRM setting page or to add custom fields created from scratch.

As a Spa, for example, you may offer a foot massage, and need to ask your clients' address because this service can be exceptionally offered at home. Now, you can add this additional field only for this service! With Agendize, you can choose additional fields for one or all your services.

+ More flexibility? you can organize the fields as YOU WANT. Another good news: these additional fields can be personalized by location!

Contact our customer support for a demo of this new feature.

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