Customer reviews: a lever for growth

Published on September 01 2020 by Agendize | Modified on 09/01/20 3:00 PM

Customer reviews: a lever for growth

Posted by Agendize on September 01 2020
Simple, quick to read and concise, reviews describe customers' experiences, giving future consumers an idea of what they might experience.
Even if they are a goldmine for businesses, the power of customer reviews is often underestimated.

How to manage and use customer reviews

Customer reviews

The influence of customer reviews

According to an infography by K-Lya, while 83% of consumers say they no longer trust so-called traditional advertising, 73% say they trust the reviews left by other consumers. At the same time, the rise of review sites and comparators specialized by field of activity has not escaped anyone's notice, offering consumers the opportunity to share, not only with their friends and family, but also on the web, the experience they have had, whether it is good or bad.

Manage your reviews

Analyzing customer feedback is essential to enable the company to improve and best meet the current and future needs of its customers. Upstream, companies must therefore group them together and to do this, they must know the pages and sites (social networks, specialized sites, Google My Business...) on which their consumers are likely to give their opinion.

Negative reviews are a powerful godmine not to be neglected. They are first of all a source of improvement for the company, but they also reassure the consumer on the authenticity of the reviews: 95% of Internet users consider a page with no negative opinion suspicious. In order to control them, companies can set up a customer service to centralize negative reviews and provide a personalized response to disappointed consumers.


Finally, take the time to respond to comments ! Companies responding to at least 32% of the reviews received have a conversion rate of over 80% !


Collect reviews

Acquiring new reviews doesn't seem to be easy and yet... Emailings allow you to invite your post-purchase customers to share their experience with you in order to improve you and encourage consumers to use your services.
Our solution includes a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module, allowing you to send your customers an email inviting them to give their opinions.


Find out how Agendize makes it even easier for you to collect customer feedback and much more by requesting your demo.

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