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Customer reviews : a lever for growth

November 02 2021 | Florentin

Modified on 16/03/22 | 4 minutes read

Customer Relationship

Simple, quick to read and concise, reviews describe customers' experiences, giving future consumers an idea of what they might experience. Even if they are a goldmine for businesses, the power of customer reviews is often underestimated.

The Internet is now an essential sales and contact channel for brands and companies, regardless of their sector of activity. It is not only essential to be present online but we must also be able to reassure and reassure visitors throughout their user and customer journeys.

For this, consumers now have the opportunity to easily express their satisfaction. A large number of platforms have indeed become democratized, to recommend or, on the contrary, to express concerns about the quality of services provided by companies.

83% of consumers no longer trust the so called traditional advertising


It is therefore important to monitor reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor etc., respond to them and take advantage to highlight the quality of your brand and the confidence that you can thus inspire in your future customers!

Increase the loyalty rate

Collecting the opinions of your customers makes it possible to establish a certain proximity with them. By showing them your interest in their feedback, you highlight your desire to improve your products and services to best meet their expectations.


73% say they trust the reviews left by other consumers


Increase sales

Whoever has never looked at the customer reviews before buying a product or a service from a brand, raises his hand! Customer reviews are a key way to maximize your sales. The opinions left by your customers are a real guarantee of trust. Reassured by the positive opinions, Internet users are thus more inclined to proceed to the act of purchase or, at least, to schedule an appointment. 

Better ROI

Improving customer satisfaction is an effective way to increase your repurchase rate. The more satisfied customers are, the less likely they are to turn to the competition. 

Gain ambassadors

What could be better than a client who comes to visit you on the advice of an acquaintance? A satisfied customer will share his experience with those around him who constitute for you potential new customers. 

The virtuous circle of customer reviewd

Positive reviews attract consumers ⇒ more reviews ⇒ new customers ⇒ more reviews ⇒ more revenue ... It's the virtuous circle of customer reviews !


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Analyzing customer reviews is essential to allow the company to improve and better meet the current and future needs of its consumers. Upstream, companies must therefore group them together and for this must know the pages and sites (social networks, specialized sites, Google My Business profile, etc.) on which their consumers are likely to give their opinion. 


Take the time to respond to comments! Companies responding to at least 32% of the reviews received have a conversion rate of over 80%! 

The power of negative reviews

While positive reviews influence Internet users and help them make a choice between two competing businesses, “negative” reviews aren't all that bad! These are a wealth of powerful information that should not be overlooked. They represent a source of improvement for the company but also reassure the consumer about the veracity of the opinions : 95% of Internet users are suspicious of a page that does not present any negative opinion. To control them, companies can set up customer service to centralize negative reviews and provide a personalized response to disappointed consumers.


Invite customers to share their experience

The problem is that often only dissatisfied customers enjoy posting their opinions, so the idea is to encourage your satisfied customers as much as possible to also post their positive experience of your mark ! The opinions collected will thus be a source of strong communication that builds trust for the development of your business. Once the opinions have been collected, you can display your “satisfaction score” on all your communications, from the product page of your e-commerce site to the invoice received by the customer.

The question is therefore: how to collect customer reviews? It is always difficult to ask for an opinion, orally or by email, you have to find the right time, the right way ... and it is not always easy.

Mock up avis client blog

Our solution includes a CRM component, Customer Relationship Management, allowing you, among other things, to send your customers a post-meeting email inviting them to rate the quality of your services. You can of course customize the email template in your company colors. By modifying the link of the button, you choose where you want to integrate customer reviews: Google My Business, Facebook, an eKomi Smart Survey, a NPS etc. But you can also choose to keep them private by receiving them directly on the Agendize console.



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