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Customer Relationship / Influence on the development of your business

February 09 2021 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 8 minutes read

Customer Relationship



The customer relationship is a term that over the last two decades has gained popularity in the professional world!  Originally a marketing concept, today it affects all the functions of a company to the point of being at the heart of our strategy.


“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

Jeff Bezos

       From SMEs to multinationals, from Facebook to the village’s artisan shoemaker, the importance of maintaining a good relationship with its clientele is no longer in doubt.  The customer relationship even goes so far to take a primordial place in the development of a company with the creation of departments specialized in this relationship with customers. But what is really this relationship that binds a company and its customers and how do they influence the development of the company?




Customer Relationship ?

        Let’s linger a moment if you want to on this term. Customer Relationship encompasses all exchanges and interactions between the company and its customer. This involves all the tasks in interaction with its target, from simple prospecting to the management of missions and, of course the after-sales service.

Thus is defined the set of actions aimed at increasing sales by creating and monitoring a relationship with its customers. In order to implement the customer relationship, it is necessary to have a model management of it. That is to say to implement tools intended to capture, treat and analyze the desires and the expectations relating to the clients and prospects with an aim of building loyalty and satisfying them by offering or proposing services that meet their need(s).


Customer relationship management is essential because it brings a technological and data dimension to improve knowledge of customers and prospects to adapt communication, products and services to meet their needs and desires as much as possible.

Lay the foundations

Know your customers well

For a company, knowing its customers well is essential in order to build a relationship with them. It must be taken into account that customers are well different in the way they interact with a brand, in the way they consume, in the way they behave on the internet.

A good level of intelligence allows the company to know those who contribute to its prosperity and fulfillment and therefore adapt its strategy.

Several questions are to be asked in order to understand them better:

- What are their basic needs?

- What are their purchasing paths? 

- Is the service provided up to their expectations? 

- What do they think of the brand? 

- How did they get to know the brand? 

It is therefore essential to hold certain information that is both personal, such as their profiles, their interests and their visions of the brand, i.e. their needs and expectations regarding the product. This involves collecting information that can be collected through various means and channels.

In this respect, it will be necessary to study their behaviour towards the company first through the web. The behaviour of customers on the web is very varied, but they do not hesitate to voice their opinions about products or solutions adopted or about the company itself.


" Your most dissatisfied customers are your greatest source of learning"

Bill Gates


    What could be better than a customer review, whether positive or negative, to become aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses? How to react to a negative feedback? You simply have to listen to your customers’ opinions, take the time to respond to them, make the necessary changes in order to adopt the best strategy in front of your customers so as not to mose them but to increase your chances of retaining them and attracting more and more leads.

Be careful, customer reviews don’t stop at Google My Business listing, there are many other sites and forums for customer exchanges than you can imagine.

Without having your hands on them it is essential that you keep an eye on what is being said about your company and your products/services. It is thanks to customer feedback that you will be able to improve your services.

Social networks are another place, and not the least, where you can find many opinions about you. Simply on your page but on discussion groups that you may not have access to. It is essential for you and your notoriety to have a directory of all the domains and web pages on which it is possible to find opinions about you. Keeping an eye on them will allow you to keep a grip on what is said about you by giving you the possibility to respond and of course to adapt your offers

Your website is another essential element to better understand the behavior of your customers and prospects in order to adapt your marketing and by extension customer relations. Among the website analysis tools, the best known is complete and without a doubt Google Analytics, the tool developed by the American firm and available free of charge to anyone who would like to analyze the traffic on their website. Among the most essential data that you can retrieve from it are the following: The session duration, a top of the most visited pages or the bounce rate. The tool also allows you to retrieve a significant amount of demographic information about your visitors, allowing you to know them better and therefore to set up the right relationship. 


Opt for personalization

     Giving your customers a personalized experience that they will remember means getting to know them. Gone are the days of mass emails sent to your entire address book! By sending relevant content that is likely to address your customers' issues and wishes, you will have all the more chance of attracting their attention. By collecting information beforehand, you will be able to set up communication scenarios aimed at your customers according to their degree of involvement in the buying process. You will thus increase your opening rate and therefore your visibility by communicating effectively. imgagdz-1


The stakes of a good customer relationship

   In addition to personalization, a successful customer relationship requires responding effectively to customer requests. Many consumers solicit every day the brands in search of complaints, requests for information material or advice on use though the communication channels they are used to, i.e. by SMS, e-mail or even directly in store. However, with the digitalization and growth of communication media, consumers are increasingly demanding and expect fast and efficient responses from customer services.

To meet these demands, the implementation of an omnichannel strategy is essential. The strategy must be thought globally by optimizing the customer experience, by offering channels adapted to each customer, but also by centralizing requests within the same platform, using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools, in order to increase the efficiency of customer services.

The customer at the heart of the company

"The more you engage with customers, the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.”

John Russell, former Vice President of Harley-Davidson


     This quote from the former VP of Harley Davidson on the place and importance of the customer in the company highlights the principle that satisfaction is the essence of a business and what we work for every day. There is therefore a need to focus the efforts of all employees to work together in a customer-centric strategy.

Gaining the trust of your customers by creating proximity, allows you to better understand them and to make them understand what is essential to meet their expectations in a more relevant way and thus increase their satisfaction in order to retain them and make them committed customers.

The customer centric approach

According by a study by Deloitte & Touche, 60% of companies that have opted for a customer-centric strategy prove to be more profitable than those with a standard strategy. In addition to being profitable, adopting such a strategy gives more meaning to the work of all employees who act together for the good of the customer relationship.

In other words...

A good customer relationship, consists in giving trust while listening and being committed to customer satisfaction. The latter is essential for the fulfillment of a company, because it carries real stakes and it is at this level that the key to success for the future of a company lies.

Agendize accompanies you in your project

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