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Why customer engagement is your best marketing opportunity

July 17 2018 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 3 minutes read

Customer Relationship

In a highly competitive digital environment, your brand must differentiate itself in regards to customer relationship to be able to retain clients effectively. In fact, building loyalty means generating long-term customer commitment to ensure long-term viability for your business. We invite you to discover the tips to boost your customer engagement rate and why this can be the right marketing opportunity for you.

Definition of customer engagement

Customer engagement is a strategy for creating a strong relationship with the customer throughout their life cycle. A committed customer will likely contribute to your marketing strategy when he shares his opinion on social media, or answers satisfaction surveys, or recommends you. When a company focuses on customer insight and customer satisfaction in its marketing goals, it generates engagement and creates a successful customer experience.

CTA_how to enhance customer engagement

According to INFluencia, customer engagement represents 3 benefits for the companies involved:

  • Active loyalty: the customer will not replace you with another brand.
  • The power of recommendation: the customer will recommend you to their social network.
  • A lower price sensitivity: the customer is usually willing to put a large budget for the brand he likes.

Consider also that 60% of customers say they would be willing to buy a brand or product that offers them a pleasant and / or surprising experience.

Why regularly measure customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction aims to place it at the heart of the company's objectives by offering products and services that meet its expectations and its level of requirements. Thus, the growth and profitability of a company depend largely on its ability to satisfy its customers.

As a result, by regularly measuring customer satisfaction, the company can:


1 - Minimize direct and indirect costs related to customer dissatisfaction

A high rate of dissatisfied customers inevitably leads to the loss of customers for the company. This also results in a considerable drop in your turnover.

Measuring customer satisfaction allows your company to identify the positives but also the main factors of dissatisfaction. Consequently, you can take corrective actions quickly to provide a better customer experience.


2 - Retain and win customers

To retain customer loyalty, the company must offer satisfaction surveys or use methods such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in customer service to assess areas for improvement.


3 - Improve brand image

To differentiate itself in the market, companies must enhance their brand image. Note that word of mouth is one of the main factors that could hurt or help your image. For it to be positive, you must improve your customer satisfaction by offering products and services that can perfectly meet their expectations.

The right posture to adopt is to be responsive to customer reviews. And to be responsive to the opinions of your customers, you must take ownership of innovative tools such as the range of solutions offered by Agendize. As part of a customer engagement strategy, the company must rely on devices capable of providing instant feedback from customers, regardless of the digital channel used. Such an approach makes it possible to have a better customer knowledge, to satisfy them in the long term and to encourage them to spontaneously promote the company. With this in mind, tools such as appointment scheduling software or live chat (including post-appointment satisfaction surveys) can help you build customer loyalty. By improving the life of the user and also its satisfaction, these tools durably strengthen customer engagement.

To foster customer engagement, companies must implement a marketing strategy based on customer knowledge and customer satisfaction in order to offer an ever more successful experience and long-term loyalty. Want to learn more about the benefits of a complete business calendar solution? Click here to contact Agendize today or download our e-Book with the complete best practices for client relationship.

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