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Create new revenue while marketing to small businesses

September 18 2018 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 3 minutes read


Small businesses have never had more opportunities to market themselves. Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have leveled the playing field for creating visibility. Other digital tools have also allowed small businesses to create efficient and close relationships with their customers, enhancing both the experience they provide and the reputation they develop.

Within this broad ecosystem of digital marketing opportunities, many small businesses have found success, but many more have also found themselves lost, unsure of the necessary steps to take in marketing themselves effectively. According to Leadpages & Infusionsoft, 2016 Small Business Marketing Trends Report: 

"50% of small business owners say they don’t know whether they’re marketing effectively. While, 47% of small business are stuck handling their marketing efforts on their own."

There is a massive, untapped demand for marketing solutions that provide clear results while saving small businesses the time, energy and distractions imposed by managing their own marketing efforts.

New revenue streams with small business clients are clearly open for the taking, but they will always require that you diligently tie the value of your work to clear outcomes for your client’s business. You can offer a variety of tools to show your clients of their improved search rankings, better visibility on social channels, increased awareness and even purchase intent, but none of these address the fundamentals business owners understand and appreciate most, direct interaction and communication with consumers.

Since Dylan Bowles of Future Gen Media started using Agendize Appointment Booking Software for his small business client just 18 months ago, he states, successfully booked over 3,000 appointments for one client with Agendize, overall simple and easy to use and has some great features like text and email reminders and everything.

In providing solutions to your clients, web presence management and the interactions consumers prefer would likely be top-of-mind in ensuring the highest conversion and lead quality possible for your small business clients.

Often, your customers may want to “go big or go home”, but you know achieving real results takes time and long-term commitment. This speaks to the challenges your agencies have always faced. Agency life has fundamentally been stuck in an uncertain, project-based model for too long, while introducing a first rung of software tools can transition you to a model that emphasizes retention, stability and predictable growth. While also generating predictable revenues for your agency.

To your client, this predictable growth means something altogether different from what you may see as outcomes in terms of page views, visitors, click-throughs, conversions, impressions, costs-per-click or any other generally accepted digital marketing KPIs. Your clients want new customer conversion directly through an application that they can use every day. They want appointments booked, calls made or planned, detailed questionnaires completed and more - all of the interactions that clearly show you are generating and capturing customer interest for your clients.

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