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What are the challenges of digitalization for companies in 2018

June 14 2018 | Agendize

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Digital is a word more and more present for its incredible power to merge personal and professional spaces. Today is hardly impossible to live without it, specially when it comes to business management and promotion. If your company has not yet started to take advantage of digital tools to improve client relationship, it's time to make this change smoothly. 

What is the digitalization of companies

About ten years ago, companies started digitizing data - or what we could call today the beginning of the digital era in the work environment. And now, more than ever, most companies know the importance of following this trend even if they don’t have resources to implement it. A survey revealed that 87% of organizations in North America, Europe, and South America see the digital transformation as a strategic challenge.


The challenges of digital transformation

Digital integration means bringing proximity and improving the customer experience. Although establishing a mix of digital tools, social networks and sometimes e-Commerce can be a complex equation, it is proven to be profitable in the long term. More than gain in productivity and performance, the digitalization of companies makes it possible to improve the base of your business and also to adapt the image of the company to a world in constant evolution. For example, by reselling a white label digital tool solution, you'll be on top of what is new in the market without having to spend a lot of money and time producing a new software from scratch. Not taking this into account would mean to be stagnated and therefore let competition take advantage.

Simple solutions to set up the digitalization of your company

Start by prioritizing your actions and, consequently, choosing the right tools by type of objectives. Internally, the use of a new software will optimize the work organization and productivity. And these new digital solutions also make it possible to integrate collaborative management that is increasingly appreciated by employees, in particular the ones from the Y or Z generations.

Externally, digital tools for client relationship will anticipate the customer's needs and refine your relationship with them. Keep in mind that an excellent CRM tool allows you to be one step ahead of your requests. Among innovative solutions that make it possible to improve the customer relationship and to develop commitment, booking appointments is a must. This service facilitates contacts with prospects and customers and responds effectively to their expectations of interactivity and responsiveness. And they can save companies 30% of their time in regards to productivity. 

Finally, a website that has been thought through and designed to make the customer experience even more enjoyable and accessible will demonstrate to your target audience that you understand them. It is all the more important as 70% of appointments now go through prior online research.


Promote exchanges using digital technology to make life easier for employees and, most importantly, customers. It is also a way to prove that the company is in sync with the new expectations of its target audience.

Worried about the price? The investment required for such integrations is continually decreasing thanks to new "plug & play" technologies, allowing a gain in productivity and a return on investment in the short term.

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