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Boost your SEO

March 10 2020 | Claire

Modified on 16/03/22 | 7 minutes read


You have just created your website but you lack visibility? 

Would you like to appear at the top of Google searches but lack on budget? 


This article is made for you !


Here are 10 tips to boost your SEO. 


First of all, a few words about SEO: SEO “Search Engine Optimization” is a set of techniques aimed at improving the visibility of a web page on a search engine. 

What good SEO increses : 

  • visibility
  • traffic to your site
  • lead acquisition
  • conversion rate
  • And ultimately your turnover

1 Define your keywords

Choosing and defining your keywords is the basis of an SEO strategy. It is inconceivable to start it without starting with this step. What makes it so important is the place of keywords in web searches. Indeed, it is via these that Internet users will carry out their research and these are the same words on which the search engines will rely to offer results. 

To carry out your keyword research you must ask yourself two essential questions: 

  • What are my clients and prospects looking for ? 
  • What do they want to know about my product / service ?

Take the time to do a search and list all the keywords that people might use to find your website. This research allows you at the same time to see how your competitors are positioned and thus to develop your own strategy. 

Today we could speak more of “key phrases” than “keywords” since searches are increasingly carried out around expressions composed of 3 to 4 keywords, which allow the Internet user to be offered an already more precise result proposal that better meets their expectations. This is called: “long tail”.

There is therefore no point in positioning yourself on too large a number of keywords, whether long or not. Your upstream research should allow you to target a few keywords on which you must position yourself in order to be findable by search engines and therefore Internet users. 

Many tools such as Ubersuggest will help you in your research.

2 Create your own content 

Creating new, innovative content that meets the demands and needs of Internet users keeps the Internet growing. In this sense, the search engines penalize duplicate content without any detours. Create relevant and quality content providing useful information to Internet users. 

3 Think about the length of your content 

Below 300 characters it is difficult to see his article referenced on search engines. However, articles should also not be too long to keep the reader's attention until the end. Content from 900 words and not exceeding 1600 is considered ideal. 

However, don't forget that quality takes precedence over quantity !

4 Make your content readable

Work on the structure of your article to make it readable. The user should want to continue on reading. Create an aesthetic content, with images to illustrate your words. Remember to ventilate your texts and highlight the elements that could be essential to Internet users. 

Structure your pages with title tags such as H1, H2, H3 ... Allowing you to give a common thread to your content and to direct Internet users. Remember to make the keywords you want to appear in your tags appear so that search engines can find you and reference you more easily. 

5 Improving the internal linking

The linking is a rather vague concept for anyone starting out in the world of SEO, but it is essential to improving web referencing. Internal linking refers to the organization of links within a website. Optimizing it makes it possible to:

  • Simplify the navigation of internet users within your website
  • Optimize natural referencing

There are two types of links:

  • Structural links which are links found in the header and footer of web pages.  
  • Contextual links which, conversely, are located in the very content of your pages. They lead to a related page which provides additional information to the content mentioned on this first page.  

Thus the internal mesh will allow you to improve the internal navigation of your website. Connecting pages allows you to make them more visible to the eyes of Internet users who naturally would not have gone to look for them by themselves on your site. Internet users will therefore naturally spend more time visiting your website which will allow you to improve your natural referencing since navigation time is a factor taken into account by Google. 

Finally, if Internet users find all the information they need on your site, you have a better chance of converting them into customers. 


Secure domains, HTTPS, constitute one of the many criteria taken into account when referencing websites and web pages by search engines. In addition to promoting your natural referencing, they reassure the internet user on the protection of their data and assure them of not being on a false site, imitating the one they originally wanted to visit. 

7 Fill in the meta description description

The tag is an element positively influencing your click rate (ratio between the number of display of your web page and the number of clicks on the link leading to it). It must be fulfilled but also optimize. Make a short but attractive summary of your content to attract visitors to your page.

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8 Adopt Responsive Design

For search engines, the responsive nature of your website and your pages has become essential. More and more internet users are giving up browsing from a computer in favor of browsing on a tablet, or even, for the most part, favoring browsing via a mobile phone. Your website must therefore absolutely meet the rules of responsive design which consists of presenting a site that automatically adapts to the medium from which it is consulted. The presentation of your page adapts, the menu appears differently, the links become larger, the content is more spaced to make navigation as pleasant and smooth as possible despite a reduced screen size. 

Responsive Design is today a standard, if your site is not yet suitable two options are available to you:

  • Having knowledge, or calling on someone who has this knowledge, in computer language to modify the code of your web pages in order to make them responsive.
  • Create sites from a blog or CMS platform that automatically adapts your content according to the type of screen via which it is viewed.

9 Optimize the loading speed 

What's more annoying for a user than going to a web page that does not load quickly enough despite a good connection? The sources of information are so numerous that if your site does not load the Internet user will lose patience and give up before going to another site to find the desired information.

Since 2010 Google considers the loading speed of web pages as an essential criterion for good SEO. Thus, the search engine penalizes pages loading in more than 3 seconds. To reduce loading time, consider reducing the weight of your visuals by compressing them and remember to host your videos on platforms such as Youtube.

10 Create easily shareable content on social networks

It is impossible to avoid social networks these days ! Whatever the size of your company, your sector of activity or even your target there is necessarily at least one social network on which you must be present, if not more ! Being on these networks combined with regular publication will allow you to increase your visibility in the eyes of potential prospects and thus attract traffic to your website. Although the algorithms do not take into account your activity on social networks when calculating SEO, by dint of publishing relevant content you will end up getting significant traffic to your website and lead to the creation of backlinks to them. 

Once your SEO strategy has been carried out and implemented, it is a matter of working on it regularly and staying informed of new developments in terms of SEO to stay at the cutting edge. A good SEO will allow you to gain visibility with your prospects but once on your site it is a question of converting them into customers. For this, various tools are at your disposal to increase your customer conversion, discover them now.

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