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Best practices : How to communicate around online appointment booking

June 13 2019 | Agendize

Modified on 16/03/22 | 4 minutes read



Online booking solutions brings many benefits to the companies that use it, as well as to their customers. Indeed, besides being available 24/7 for their customers, these companies recover 75% of the time they previously spent at the switchboard, and increase by 40% their number of new appointments. Rather attractive, no?

Yet there are many structures that still resist to this feature because of the fear that their customers will not use it. Because, it is true that online appointments booking is not yet a reflex for everyone. However, this is often due to a lack of information. Customers are not kept informed of this novelty and therefore do not use it.

So, if you adopt a new digital service, communication around it is essential if you want it to become a success.

That's why we give you all our tips in this article, so you can communicate well around online appointments  booking.

CTA_how to enhance customer engagement

In your organisation, direct your customers to online booking

The simplest way, and by far the most effective, is to inform your customers directly of this novelty, when they come in your organisation. And, there are plenty of methods to do that.

Using the QR Code related to your online scheduling solution is essential. Available in your Agendize space, it allows you to scan it to direct your customer on your online agenda. Today, all smartphone cameras can scan a QR Code !

Specify it on your business cards 

Say stop to endless email exchanges in order to find the right slot for everyone! By indicating that you have an online booking solution on your business cards, customers who wish to meet you will book their  appointment online by theirselves according their convenience and according your availabilities.


Capture d’écran 2019-05-15 à 10.39.20

Business card example 

Create posters 

Posters and visual creations attract curiosity. As a result, by sticking posters in strategic places such as the entrance of your organisation, the cash register, the waiting room, or the reception, your customers will not be able to miss this news.

Opt for stickers and / or trestles 

In the same way as the posters, a sticker stuck on your front door and / or a trestle placed on your counter will allow your customers to learn this new functionality by their own and take the turn for online booking.

In addition, sticking a sticker mentioning the possibility of booking an appointment online on your front door, attract bystanders at any time of the day and this will generate new appointments.


Sticker example  

Use your voicemail 

It is normal that at the beginning some customers will continue to call to book appointments, but that is simply bad habits remaining. To limit this, set up phone answering slots, and when you have customers at phone, let them know that they can now book appointments online. Outside these hours, set up a message on your voicemail redirecting them to your website and / or social network profiles to book an appointment. Here are examples of voicemail messages: "You can now book an appointment with me on my professional profile by typing my Name and Surname on google" or "You can book an appointment with me on my website".

Associate these offline practices with a good digital communication

Enhance your appointments booking buttons

Yes, it may seem obvious, but it is important to remember. To invite your customers to take action, your appointment booking button must be easily accessible and above all noticeable. Do not hide it in your contact page for example, rather bring it to light on the main page.

Create your professional Google My Business profile

This professional Google My Business profile appears when you type your business name in search engines. You can enter your contact information (phone number, address), your opening hours, your website but also your online appointment booking button.

Share the news on your social networks without moderation 

With an average of 4h38 minutes spent on the internet each day in France (according to the 2019 survey of We Are Social), people are increasingly connected. This is especially why appointments online booking is a feature more and more appreciated. So seize the opportunity! Share this news to your customers and prospects on your social networks. And, as a bonus, you will have a better online presence. Because, feed its social networks regularly allows companies to benefit from better visibility and increased notoriety.

Customize your e-mail signature

If you regularly send e-mails to your customers, add a call-to-action button in your e-mail signature (see example below). This little customizable button will attract your correspondents and invite them to book an appointment directly on your agenda. A real time saver !

Capture d’écran 2019-05-15 à 17.29.32Email signature example 

Create an e-mailing campaign dedicated to this novelty 

You feel proud of your new acquisition? Let people know it !

Send personalized e-mailings to your customers to announce the news. If you are enthusiastic, then why not them?


That's it, you now have all our tips to communicate around appointments online booking, like a pro! So now, it's your turn!

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