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10 benefits of videoconferencing for your company

September 09 2021 | Florentin

Modified on 16/03/22 | 3 minutes read

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With the massive arrival of digital in our daily lives, accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis, digital transformation has become a priority for all professionals to respond to the issues imposed by the situation and users' needs for immediacy.

Popularized due to the coronavirus and the many confinements that the latter caused, videoconferencing has gradually made its way into companies to reorganize work and become a new way of meeting.

What are the benefits of videoconferencing for your company

Building a quality customer relationship

1. Facilitating access to services to all those who cannot travel

The reasons preventing a person from coming to an appointment are many: illness, childcare, lack of means of transport etc. Offering videoconferencing appointments therefore simplifies access to your services!


2. Videoconferencing offers an immersive experience

Although they are widespread in the commercial world, telephone meetings today present few advantages over video conferencing. More interactive due to its visual nature, the latter offers an immersive experience that will focus the attention of your interlocutor throughout the meeting. 


3. Reaches a wider range of customers by offering a new service

Unlike a physical meeting, videoconferencing does not require any travel. A computer or even a telephone are sufficient. Your clients can thus attend their meeting wherever they are!


4. It is easier to arrange a meeting by videoconference than physical

Arranging a physical meeting requires a more complex organization for both parties. Free from the constraints of travel and hospitality that a physical meeting requires, it will be easier to agree on a date with your interlocutor. 


Optimizing the organization of work

5. Limiting the transmission of disease

Because it is not just about the coronavirus, limiting contact is also limiting the risk of transmission of microbes and viruses which can easily lead to colds and flu, the consequences of which are not trivial. 


6. Carrying out a videoconference interview is less stressful

During a business meeting or a videoconference interview, the two parties are in their environment. Videoconferencing represents a neutral environment and allows you to carry out your meeting with less stress. 


7. Your documents are always at hand

During an exchange by videoconference you can easily access all your documents and resources. You can share a web page, presentation or even a document with just a few clicks.


The most Agendize

With Agendize, all the documents required to prepare and carry out the appointments can be shared by the customer directly in the booking form.

Developing the activity of your company

8. Ensuring the continuity of your activity

This statement could almost go without explanation, the year 2020 being the best example. The successive confinements and the fortnight periods have severely limited possible travel and forced many businesses, banks, public administrations, retailers ... to close their doors. Videoconferencing has proven to be an good solution to offer customers and users a continuous service.


9. Limits the travel costs of sales representatives

For sales representatives, travel costs are often a brake on the expansion of activity in new markets. Videoconferencing takes on its full meaning here by drastically reducing costs, thus facilitating companies' access to new international markets. 


10. Boost employee satisfaction

The Covid era will have definitely shaken up the working habits of employees, highlighting the advantages that teleworking represents for your teams and putting a de facto end to 100% face-to-face work. Videoconferencing allows you to offer your employees the possibility of organizing their work schedule between face-to-face and remote without impacting the cohesion of your teams who remain connected by videoconference.


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