Automatically notify your clients when an earlier slot is available!

online scheduling - News // June 05 2017

Tired of managing manually appointment cancellation? Do you have free time slots during the day that might interest other customers, but not the time to inform them?

Thanks to our new release, managing appointment cancellations is now automated through an appointment waiting list!

First, access your scheduling process setting. Everything starts here!

Then choose to let Agendize automatically notify your customers when an earlier appointment similar to theirs becomes available.

Don’t forget to activate email and SMS notifications according to your preferences in the notifications settings.

Agendize will then manage appointment cancellations for you. It will send an email or SMS message to clients in your waiting list informing them an earlier time is available.


For your customers, it’s pretty simple too.

When booking their appointment, they can subscribe to the waiting list if an earlier appointment is available.


waiting-list-agendize-demo As soon as one of your clients cancel an appointment, the slot will be available for booking for all.

Simultaneously, Agendize will notify any subscribed clients in the waiting list by email and/or SMS,

optimizing the chances this slot will be filled.

If they change their appointment, your calendar will be automatically updated!

Isn’t that just the greatest?

See you soon ;)

The Agendize team.

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