Agendize releases mandatory payment and new console to celebrate 2017!

online scheduling - News // January 06 2017

Good news for all the Agendize fans out there! 2017 just keeps getting better and better, as Agendize has just released two new updates to its award-winning customer engagement platform: mandatory payments for appointment booking, and a new console design to enhance the user experience!


Mandatory Payment Makes Every Appointment Secure


While most businesses struggle enough with building their brand and creating a healthy customer base, many are also plagued with simple issues like getting customers to show up, or even pay, for their appointments!


With Agendize’s new Mandatory Payment feature, customers can now be required to pay for their appointments in advance before their online booking is confirmed. Once they select a time and place for their appointment, they are prompted to pay online via PayPal or Ingenico ePayments. Once they pay, their appointment is confirmed.
If they fail to pay during the appointment-booking process, the business can send customers an email reminder asking them to confirm their appointment by paying, giving businesses a new way to ensure that no booking is wasted. Businesses can also book for their clients and have requests for payment automatically sent to their emails when a booking is set. Overall, Mandatory Payment is a powerful addition to the Agendize platform that comes at the request of our most loyal customers, and does even more to reduce no-shows and ensure customers are engaged when their appointment time comes!


Console Redesign Breathes New Life into Platform


Agendize’s continuous product improvements will also touch on the fundamental experience that customers have come to know and love. Critical new features will allow users to:


  • Quickly access and manage the Free Callbacks they have provided their customers
  • Filter their call histories by date for more flexibility and specificity
  • The ability to roll-over phone numbers with their cursor to check call statuses instantly
  • The ability to listen to calls from the platform as they happen, as well as delete calls that may post security or privacy issues
  • Enhanced incorporation of call history into client cards, meaning calls and their recordings are automatically associated with customers who already have their phone numbers stored in the platform

Agendize is dedicated to constantly improving its usability, effectiveness and convenience for every one of its customers, and with these new updates, takes steps towards achieving more of the functionalities that can help any business save time, gain more customers, and grow towards greater success! Contact or visit for more!

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